Saint Martin’s Butterfly Garden Is the Most Peaceful Place on Earth

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

After venturing over the border into the French side of the island, my family drove around in search of The Butterfly Farm or Le Ferme Des Papillons as the French call it.

For a mere $10 USD, you get unlimited access to the butterflies. The entry ticket permits you to return as much as your heart desires until the end of your vacation. If you are on a cruise ship, your cruise pass can be used for a discount! Once inside, a young woman (I believe her name was Molly) provided us with an informative tour of the butterfly garden.

I was given the chance to hold the world’s largest moth species! I believe it was called an Atlas Moth. It was surprisingly clingy once it grabbed onto me.

The Butterfly Farm was the most tranquil place I have ever visited. Upon entering, they had lovely slow-paced music playing in the background. The butterflies were fluttering around everywhere. It honestly felt like the most peaceful place I have ever been in my life.

The butterfly variety there was remarkable. Molly, the tour guide, told us they had species imported from all over the world. You could spot every color of the rainbow as you walked around between all of the butterflies. The colors that surrounded me were stunning. It was butterfly paradise.

I was able to hold a few different butterflies although, unlike the Atlas Moth, the butterflies would only stay on my finger for a minute or two before taking off to, once again, flutter about freely. Molly told us to gently tap their antennae in order to establish trust with the butterflies. That seemed to world relatively well.

The plants, music, and butterflies made for a breathtaking experience. If it wasn’t for my family getting anxious about wanting to leave and go back to the beach, I could have stayed there all day. I was really loving walking among the butterflies.


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