Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

I spent part of my birthday this year locked inside of a room. To celebrate turning 20, my friends brought me to the Amazing Escape Room where we were locked inside of a room and told we had sixty minutes to figure out how to escape.

My friends, a few¬†strangers, and I had to work as a team to explore every nook and cranny of the room. There were locks, keys, and additional hints hidden in the most unusual places. I got frustrated with this one particular lock that we couldn’t figure out how to open. Much to¬†our delight, I managed to open it by using a different key from a similar-looking lock hahaha. I couldn’t believe it worked! (hehe)

While we definitely cut it close towards the end, we successfully escaped the Hangover Room in 52 minutes!¬†For anyone looking for something fun¬†to do¬†that¬†promotes teamwork and increases anxiety, I highly recommend participating in an escape-the-room near you! ūüėČ

(Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful) 

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place


(Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place) 

I’d have to say I’m in my true¬†happy place when I am¬†up in the sky. With each flight, I know a new adventure lies ahead. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.¬†During air travel, I usually make decent progress in whatever book I’m reading and I try to spend time drawing or blogging. I love the me-time it provides.