I Can’t Stop Playing with Brookstone’s S╚žnd

I recently purchased┬áS╚žnd from Brookstone along with┬átheir circular┬áExecutive┬áS╚žnd Box. S╚žnd is composed of 98% ordinary sand and 2% special polymer. It is sold in a container that holds┬á2.2 pounds of the stuff.


The executive sand box only holds around 12 ounces of┬ás╚žnd so you’ll have quite a bit left over (as you can see in the image above.) That’s fine though because┬ás╚žnd never dries out. You can store the extra s╚žnd in the original container or out in the open.


You’d be surprised how addicting this stuff is to play with. It has a very zen-like feel to it. It’s both peaceful and relaxing to play with. You can “pack it, pull it, shape it, and love it,” as the branding on the side of the jar explains.


If you asked me how to describe what it feels like, I’d compare it to wet sand at┬áthe beach. It has the same cool temperature and mooshy feel to it. You can cut designs into it with shaping tools (or a seashell if have one) and pack it into a castle, just as you would with real sand.

DSC00741 I know it’s kind of silly (my family makes┬áfun of me for being so entertained by it) but it’s truly┬áa lot of fun to play with when you’re just sitting around. I like to shape and mold the sand while┬ámy mind is busy reflecting and planning other things.┬áI bought a container for myself and for my boyfriend so now if we put our sand all together, we can build a 4.4 pound┬ás╚žnd castle. How awesome! ­čśë


Sand by Brookstone

Happy New Year!


Wishing all of you a happy and healthy new year in 2016. May the new year bring much happiness and good fortune into your life. I hope this new year is as great as the last.