Yoga & My Soul

Last Updated on August 14, 2023

Yoga is so strange…

After today’s class, I feel so confused. I don’t get how one activity can do such a phenomenal job of combining so many different forms of exercise, motivation, relaxation, and stress relief. I know this was only my third class, but I’m already convinced that yoga is the best thing in the whole world and here’s why.

1. You begin with a calming meditation session to clear your mind. During this time, you set an “intention” which is essentially the reason behind why you are doing yoga to begin with. In other words, it’s your purpose.

2. You stretch parts of your body that you normally wouldn’t. It’s such a relief after sitting at a desk all day.

3. It’s non competitive. Don’t worry about how anyone else is doing.

4. You go at your own pace. When you are too tired to continue, you can take a break in the resting position.

5. Some of the poses are really fun to try. Even if you can’t do them correctly, just trying can be enjoyable. You’ll seriously feel like a contortionist.

6. You gain control over your breathing. That might sound odd, but it helps with anxiety and remaining calm.

7. You’ll lose weight and build muscle over time. Doing yoga makes you feel like a healthier person overall.

8. You become more connected with nature and will develop a more positive outlook on life. I promise!

9. The whole yoga session can be as long or as short as you want it to be. You end your yoga session when you want to end it. (Unless you are in a class, of course.)

10. You conclude the yoga session in the “corpse pose” which is basically laying on the ground like you’re dead. It’s great. You can clear your mind, calm down, and relax.

I’ll never understand why more guys don’t do yoga. I’m one of three men in a class with like twenty other women. Whatever, their loss!

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