Starting Another College Semester… Of High School.

Currently one week in on my second semester of college and everything has been so far so good.

I’m taking Calculus three days a week, and Marketing, English Composition II, and Yoga all two days a week on Tuesdays and Thurdays.

Calculus is killing me. For some people, math just cliques. For me, while it’s not necissarily a weakness, I definitely have to work hard to fully grasp the concepts. I somehow managed to get an 89.9 in Precalc (They couldn’t just round it up for whatever reason…) and so I’m hoping I can manage at least a B in Calculus!

Marketing seems like a fun and interesting class to take. I’m fascinated behind consumer behavior and am looking forward to learning the psychological reasons behind the principles of marketing.

English Comp II is one of those classes you have to take. I have no opinion on it, to be honest.

And I saved the best for last: Yoga! I can not handle how fantastic yoga is. For instance, today our intructor had us chanting ancient scriptures while contorting our bodies into the shapes of the Indian Gods. She had us breathe like whales (like in Finding Nemo) and she called it ujjayi breathing? And it’s funny because she’ll be in the middle of giving very slow basic instructions and then all of sudden, she’ll casually and quickly add in, “Ok now reach the cornerstone of the sole of your foot and position it upon your nose while squaring your hips and reaching one leg out to the universe behind you.” and you pretty much just hear everyone struggle and collapse onto the floor. We laugh though- and make the best of it!

Hoping my second college semester proves to be even better than my first!

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