I Found a Cabbage Tree

I passed up the most interesting-looking tree on my way to class today! I wanted to take a photo of it but I didn’t have my mirrorless camera on me so I used my iPhone to take it instead.

It’s a little out of focus but for a photo taken mid-stride, I can live with it. 🙂
The tree almost looked like it was covered in four-leaf clovers! Or, um, cabbages?

In other news, today is my last day of having six classes in a row back to back SO I AM A VERY VERY VERY HAPPY PERSON! (Tip to incoming freshmen: do yourself a favor and SPREAD OUT YOUR CLASSES, IF POSSIBLE! I never expected my Thursdays to be as exhausting as they turned out to be.)

So tell me, how has your Thursday been so far? 🙂

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