Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry

The Water Did Warn Me

Greeted by the falling water,

at last, today, the fountains returned.

Water spewing once again,

but why today? Why so soon?

Falling water never stopped-

a leaping stream fast to fall.

Each droplet was preparing me

for a day of endless ups and downs.

I met someone new today!

She was direct and to the point.

But I’ll be honest, I needed that.

The girl pointed out my writing’s flaws-

then she stopped and said no more…


But she helped me in another way,

and now I’m not sure how to thank her.

So I said thank you.

Her words did hurt at first.

That pain was of no use to me!

I asked her if she’d walk with me.

Strolling down the sidewalk,

I asked her for future guidance-

a good hour later, we hugged.

Why are you telling me this, I asked.

You remind me of someone, she said back.

You remind me of my brother.


(Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry)

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