I Found the Blueberry Thief

Some strange stuff takes place during the night shift over at my job in Student Life at Rutgers…

I’m cleaning up a room after an on-campus LGBT event and there were platters of fruit leftover. I go to the room and some random guy is standing in the back by the tables making himself a plate of fruit. When I opened the door, he got startled and asked if it was ok for him to eat the food leftover. Haha, nice. Taking the fruit like it belongs to you and then pretending to care once you get caught.

Well, we told him he could have some but I guess he took it very seriously because instead of making a plate, he took a whole entire PLATTER. So my manager said he would take home one platter, I could have one, and this random guy could take the one he had already claimed. You would think it would end there, right? Wrong!

This guy proceeds to tell us how he dislikes honeydew and pushes all of his honeydew onto our platters. Oh and I guess we don’t matter much because he continued to take every last piece of our pineapple, cantaloupe, and most importantly to him: the blueberries.

HE PICKED EVERY LAST BLUEBERRY FROM OUR PLATTERS ONE BY ONE. He grabbed them from the table, from the plates, heck, he even ate them off THE FLOOR. 

When he spotted the chocolate chip cookies, he took 25. He saw leftover coffee and filled his whole canister. As he talked to me, he wasn’t paying attention so the coffee poured onto the floor instead of into his cup. Thanks, bud. One more thing to clean.

Oh and right when he was done, there were FIVE BLUEBERRIES LEFT and he turns, looks at me, and in total seriousness asks, “If I leave those, do you think they’ll go to waste?” and I clenched my teeth, smiled, and said, “Haha. Nah, I think the two of us can handle them…”


(To be honest, I didn’t even want the fruit but it was just so inconsiderate of him that I felt compelled to blog about it haha)

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