Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

“Why do you blog?” -The Daily Post 

Good question! I blog because I love the WordPress community and because it’s a great way to let out all of my feelings. I have a Facebook but all of my friends are on there so I only feel comfortable posting the positive things in my life. Twitter limits me to less than 140 characters per post which are kind of useless. Tumblr was pretty good for a while but then I realized that posting on there wasn’t as effective as posting on here because the Tumblr posts were short-lived; posts got pushed down much quicker and plus, people would tend to skip over text posts and only look at the images.

WordPress is great! I can write as much or as little as I’d like. People actually like my posts on here, people actually follow me, and my most loyal and loved readers even take the time to comment. I guess the website just makes me really happy and that’s why I’ve stuck around!

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