3 Months Until I Leave to Travel: What Still Needs to Be Done?

Last Updated on November 27, 2022

Time is flying – and soon I will be too! In just 3 months, I’ll be up and on my way to Greece!

Come July, I will be taking off for a long-term trip beginning in Greece with only a rough idea of where I’ll end up from there. As tempting as it is to plan everything out in great detail, I am intentionally keeping my options open so flexibility is on my side. I believe it will work out better if I handle the planning that way so I don’t restrict myself in any particular direction. If things go well, I’ll trek onward (probably) to Eastern Europe. Before leaving to embark on my travels, I am doing my due diligence to put myself in the best position possible before leaving America.

Despite my nervousness, I cannot turn back now. With only 3 months left to prepare, you might be wondering what I’m up to these days. These are some busy times!

Selling Off My Clutter

As you know from my recent eBay bookmark situation, I am trying to cut down, simplify, and make some extra money getting rid of things I no longer need.

With each item I eliminate, it feels like a small weight is being lifted off my shoulders. I’ve accumulated so much stuff in my lifetime and I just don’t need half of it anymore. I’d so much rather sell it on eBay or Amazon and have the free space and extra money to put towards my budget.

Budgeting & Finances

Right now, I am on track with a preliminary budget that I will do my best to abide by while I’m traveling. I am still trying to make it as detailed as possible. It is amazing to see how quickly money can get washed away if you don’t observe where it is going. The good news is that I have funds allotted for my fixed expenses and enough to still fund my travel expenses for some period of time. Thanks to VIPKID and other streams of passive income, I believe I can make it all work.

Travel Insurance

I will be getting a travel insurance policy before leaving to minimize any financial risks posed by my journey. I need to do some research first but I hope to have this set up in the next few weeks.


I’m really up in the air about what technology to bring. I know I will need a lightweight laptop, portable MiFi, good headphones with a microphone, and a small camera. I have a digital nomad backpack, a GoPro Hero4 Session, Nook eReader, and some other electronics I may bring if space permits. Half the battle is deciding what not to bring. When it comes to traveling, I’ve found less is usually more. For example, I wear an Apple Watch every day but I’ll most likely leave that home both due to its underwhelming lack of functionality and also because of the safety concern that comes from wearing something so visibly. The less I have to worry about, the better off I’ll be.


I absolutely hate the thought of needles but I know being properly vaccinated is important. Throughout the last few months, I’ve been making so many calls to doctors and clinics I’ve completely lost track of who offers which vaccines. The biggest challenge I’ve found with travel vaccinations is that the clinics want to know which countries I will be visiting. When I tell them I don’t know, they look at me like I’m crazy! I mean, yeah, I can see why that might be problematic for them but the truth is… I don’t know! I’ve asked so many places if they have a general “around-the-world vaccination package” but apparently no such thing exists! Guess I’ll have to do some additional planning to figure this part out.

Vaccinations are a high-priority item right now because some of them need to be taken roughly 3 months before you leave which, for me, is right now. So yeah, gotta get on that.


Right now, I mostly feel on track regarding my trip. I know I need to get my travel insurance and vaccinations sorted out ASAP. To get this accomplished, I may be forced to do some more specific planning of which countries I intend to visit. Fortunately, I have an outline I created for fun which I can work off of. This will also entail doing more visa research and planning to pack appropriately.


    1. The Rocky Safari

      Thanks!!! I had no idea either until a few months ago once my planning got serious. Fortunately, most countries on my list will not require anything too crazy as far as I know. I’ll see what the doctor recommends. And thanks- Anything is better than bookmark lady. ? Ugh lol

  1. As for the vaccinations, plan to stay within the EU. Almost all of the vaccinations are standard unless there is an outbreak of ebola or bubonic plague (kidding). It appears that you’ve thought your travels through so double check your list and make sure you tick off each item as you complete it. Have fun and know that July will soon be here! Naked hugs!

    1. The Rocky Safari

      Hahaha oh gosh, I wish it were that simple! It is true that the EU vaccinations are mostly standard but I am anticipating a high probability of me venturing off into Asian countries where the vaccinations are a bit less straightforward. I’ll talk to a travel doctor and see what they recommend.

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