Purchased a GoPro Hero4 Session For My Upcoming Trip

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

Meet my new GoPro Hero4 Session! (Nicknamed “Joe” (short for JoePro) by me and my boyfriend because we opened it while having lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack.)

GoPro Hero4 Session
The GoPro Hero4 Session

When I travel, I typically bring with me some combination of items including a laptop, a journal, a sketchbook, and a camera. Over the last few years, I’ve become more comfortable blogging on my Chromebook (cheap and low-risk) while taking most of my photos with my mirrorless camera from Sony.


However, with my recently booked trip to Aruba, I realized I do not want to solely rely on my fragile camera to capture a trip that can potentially put my camera in danger. No matter where my boyfriend and I go, water, sand, and dirt will pose a continuous risk to the lens. Besides, what good is a camera that I may be hesitant to take out? That’s how the best moments are missed.

Hence, my decision to purchase a GoPro!

My new GoPro Session

With my new GoPro, I hope to collect shots that are unlike anything I ever would have collected with my more expensive mirrorless camera. In new ways, too. The GoPro Session’s minimalistic design takes portability to a whole new level. Much like a smartphone, the little cube can actually fit in my pocket.

Since the GoPro is all about video, I’m thinking my next trip will consist more of videos than just pictures alone. I’ve tried just about everything else while traveling (a Moleskine journal in China, my mirrorless camera in Turks and Caicos, and my laptop in Mexico) and now an audio/video recording device feels like a fun new thing to try out!

The little cube is waterproof so we can take it with us to the pool and to the beach. If we decide to go snorkeling, we could try to get fun shots swimming with the fish. Who knows what we’ll come across! The durability of the camera is outstanding so I’m not worried about letting it get a little dirty while we’re out in the terrain.

My GoPro Bundle
My GoPro Bundle

I know GoPro offers a ton of equipment for their cameras but just to start off, I purchased the camera/memory card bundle along with two poles: The Handler and the SBONY 3-Way.

The Handler
The Handler

The Handler seems very reliable because it floats and is fully waterproof- like the GoPro itself. Should we lose our grip on it, the handle will rise up from the ocean’s depths and the bottom of the pole is colored bright orange for easy locating. Fortunately, it also has a wrist strap. The pole seems to add the most functionality when dealing with wet environments.

GoPro Tri-Pod Mount 3-Way
GoPro Tri-Pod

I also purchased the SBONY 3-Way which is a cheaper alternative (with better reviews…) than the more expensive identical version from GoPro. It’s the most versatile GoPro pole I could find. It has several different lengths depending on how many levels you unfold. It expands at an angle so you shouldn’t see the pole in your shot if you use it selfie-stick style. The bottom piece even unscrews and turns into a reversible tripod mount!

How cool is that?

DSC00939I’m so excited to have my own video camera. The Hero4 Session is cute, super lightweight, and for $200.00 (originally priced at $400.00) it feels like a steal. The device connects to my iPhone’s GoPro app and also to my Apple Watch making it very easy to snap photos from a distance while it is mounted on a tripod.

If you have any GoPro tips/advice, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. 🙂


GoPro HERO Session


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