My Hypnosis Show in Michigan

Last Updated on September 4, 2023

Immediately following my trip to Aruba, I flew right to Michigan for one of my Hypnosis Shows. I must say, it was extremely exciting flying to another state to perform. I love traveling and feel so incredibly lucky to have work that involves exploring new places and meeting new people.

This was my first time ever visiting Michigan so I was looking forward to seeing a whole new state. Everyone at the convention center was extremely welcoming. I was supposed to check out Ann Arbor afterward but due to my flight schedule, that got cut a little short. Maybe I’ll find myself there again someday so I can finally check out their city. I sure hope so!

Anyway, this performance felt like the perfect way to wrap up an excellent Spring Break.


  1. Isn’t this exciting?! Did you ever think that you’d be travelling to another state to do a hypnosis show–and to think about how apprehensive you were about your first show. I am just thrilled for you, Rocky!

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