Apple Employees Line Up and Prepare for Battle

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

Apple employees will risk their lives to save their Apple products. At least, that’s what I observed.

The mall lost power a few weeks ago while I was shopping and people in the mall began to panic. With so many horrible stories on the news lately, it’s easy to understand the frenzy that might accompany such an occurrence in a public setting.

What I found the most interesting was the response from the Apple Store and its employees.

While shoppers fled, kiosks closed, and stores pulled down their gates, Apple did not. Well, Apple could not. Their gate was electronic and wouldn’t shut during the power outage.

In response, the Apple employees lined up before the store entrance and like little soldiers, they stood side by side, arms interlocked. They created a human fence spanning from one side of the store to the other and no one was breaking through.

While I appreciate their bravery and devotion to Apple, I felt their response was a little dramatic given the circumstances. They didn’t know if this was a random power outage or a planned attack on the mall. Anything could have happened.

Were their lives really worth risking for a store filled with pricey gadgets? I know their products are expensive and valuable but really? Unlike their lives, those MacBooks and iPhones and iPods could be replaced…

I’m happy to say the power was eventually restored, the wall of workers broke up, and thankfully, no one got hurt.


  1. The products would be covered by insurance. When I worked at Vodafone we were told to never risk your own safety in those kinda of situations. I’m sure it’s a legal thing if we were to get hurt, we would be able to sue, or something like that.
    So in honesty, that apples store manager is in massive amounts of trouble for letting that happen.

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