Exploring the Pre-Med Track

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

My professor for That’s So Gay gave us an excellent homework assignment this weekend. He told us to explore a library (or bookstore – I went to Barnes & Noble) and pick up a bunch of books about our prospective majors.

He said to skim through all of the books and spend as much time reading them as possible. The purpose was to discover our true interests.

These were some of the books I picked up to explore the pre-med track.

He said if the books on your major interest you, good! That’s a sign that you’ll likely enjoy your studies and care about what you’re learning.

If you find yourself staring blankly at the books, then perhaps that major isn’t the subject you care most about.

If you don’t have a major, it’s a great way to dedicate some time to choosing one! You’ll get an idea of what each subject has in store and you might be able to rule out a few of your choices which can be just as helpful actually.

If you DO have a major, it’s a great way to double-check and make sure you enjoy it. It would be a shame to spend years working towards a degree in something you don’t care about!

I know it may seem like an obvious concept but I think it’s important that everyone tries this – with an intended major in mind or not! So I’m really glad he assigned it. I was planning on doing this anyway and now I had an excuse to make it happen!

I’m happy to report that I DID enjoy what I read – though physics and chemistry did scare me a bit – I think I’m still going to try for the pre-med track. I absolutely loved what I read on psychiatry and there’s no way to get there without doing the undergrad prerequisites first. I’ll just have to study, study, study! 🙂

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    1. Hahaha you could never even imagine the hour-long investigation I just went on.

      I had no idea the MBTI had a sister counterpart for discovering areas of interest. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of the Strong assessment considering my full blown obsession with the MBTI! I’m in shock. Haha

      Thank you for telling me about this. I have to take it still but I have a feeling my results will be Social – Artistic with the 3rd possibly being Investigative.

      1. Martha Kennedy

        Actually, it should give you a list of possible vocations. It was right on with me. I took it right after high school. Dismissed it completely (how could a test know ME?). I found my results 10 years ago and was stunned. It was 100% accurate. I had actually done or was doing everything it said I would be happy doing!

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