Daily Prompt: With or Without You

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

“Tell us about the time you threw down the gauntlet and drew the proverbial line in the sand by giving someone an ultimatum. If you’ve never handed out an ultimatum but secretly wanted to, describe the scene and what you would say to put an end (one way or another) to an untenable situation.” -The Daily Post

I feel like I have to do this with myself a lot. I’m not sure if that makes sense (or is even possible) but it’s the best instance I can think of.

Wow, I really hope this post doesn’t make me sound crazy. Maybe I should preface this by explaining that I tend to be very in-tune with myself on a deeper level. Nothing religious. Perhaps not even “spiritual.” I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s like this sixth sense, as clique as that may sound. Basically, I usually have a very easy time seeing the meaning behind things. It is some sort of connection between destiny and my intuition, I suppose.

Me soul searching
Me, Myself, and I.

Sometimes I’m able to step outside of myself and “look in” on what I’m doing. This can be specific- like “Why am I in college?” or general- “Why am I who I am?”.  Sometimes this takes place intentionally during meditation and sometimes it’s unintentional while staring blankly at a wall.

If I see I’m getting sidetracked from what I should be doing, I get really upset with myself and can almost watch my spiritual self-progress in the “right” direction while becoming aware of the fact that my physical self isn’t following accordingly.

In fact, this is how I realized I was pursuing the wrong major in college!

I realized I have to transfer out of the Business School and go pre-med… or else? I’m not so sure what might happen otherwise. All I know is that I’m supposed to switch.


  1. Reading your writing makes me think of how alike INFJs can sometimes be. There are parts of this post I think I could have written myself. That’s how much truth they ring in my life. I find that I’m more connected to my soul than anything else. Somehow that connection makes me more intuitive and more aware, particularly when I meditate.

    I think you should trust yourself, which it sounds like you’re doing. Having faith in what your energy pulls you to do will lead you towards a better end. Something tells me things will work out for you. Good luck with pre-Med!

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