Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

My first fern
My first fern

A significant portion of my sophomore year was spent learning about the plant life cycle. In particular, we studied the incredible cycle that is the Alternation of Generations. Where multicellular plants and their gametes cycle between a haploid “n” state and a diploid “2n” state. This fluctuation between haploid and diploid stages often occurs in plants and is called the alternation of generations.

Alternation of Generations
Alternation of Generations

Throughout the entire course, the textbook always referred to drawings of ferns. I stared at the pictures in confusion wondering if I had ever seen a plant that looked anything like a fern. I could not recall. In fact, the fern was consistently used as an example since supposedly, they are super common and everyone (except me?) knows what a fern is.

Finally, 20 years later, I have recognized my first fern in real life. Wow, writing this post made me realize how much I miss biology.

(Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

I spent part of my birthday this year locked inside of a room. To celebrate turning 20, my friends brought me to the Amazing Escape Room where we were locked inside of a room and told we had sixty minutes to figure out how to escape.

My friends, a few strangers, and I had to work as a team to explore every nook and cranny of the room. There were locks, keys, and additional hints hidden in the most unusual places. I got frustrated with this one particular lock that we couldn’t figure out how to open. Much to our delight, I managed to open it by using a different key from a similar-looking lock hahaha. I couldn’t believe it worked! (hehe)

While we definitely cut it close towards the end, we successfully escaped the Hangover Room in 52 minutes! For anyone looking for something fun to do that promotes teamwork and increases anxiety, I highly recommend participating in an escape-the-room near you! 😉

(Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

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