Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Last Updated on August 25, 2023

Every year, our family gets a decent amount of Trick-or-Treaters. Just take a look at everyone waiting outside prior to 5 PM yesterday on Halloween.

Halloween 2014

I get such a kick out of the crowd because it happens year after year. My uncle likes to give away sweatshirts for Halloween and each year he introduces one in a new color. You know, it’s actually an ingenious form of marketing!

The fact that the sweatshirt is free attracts a large number of people. You end up seeing people wearing them throughout the winter, and naturally, you start to want one for yourself. The fact that a new color is added each year gives everyone a reason to come back- even if they already got one in past years.

My Family Handing Out the Sweatshirts (And Crowd Control)

This year, there were 2 new colors: neon yellow and slate blue. Our family wears the new colors prior to doors opening at 5. I chose to wear a blue one this year. Orange was new last year. The year before that was green.

Usually, the women will volunteer inside and distribute the sweatshirts while the men work outside keeping everyone in control. My post is usually on a ladder where I tell people which lane to walk-in based on their age. This year we decided not to sort everyone like that because it only overcomplicated things since parents didn’t want to part from their children.

Halloween 2013

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Without my regular job, I helped keep an eye out for people who were trying to snag more than one sweatshirt. And yes, that happens a lot. In 2012 and 2013, there was this one lady who would get out of her car and personally ask me to get her a sweatshirt for her and her daughter prior to the doors opening at 5 PM. She’d tell me to ask my uncle on her behalf and to tell him that her daughter is on crutches and can’t wait in the line with everyone else. Except, I saw her daughter get out of the car and she didn’t have crutches and her legs were perfectly fine. They just wanted more shirts.

That lady didn’t come back this year (as far as I could tell).

But we did have a young girl stuffing shirts into her pillowcase and asking for more..

Halloween 2012

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The mayor actually came to help us distribute the sweatshirts. In addition, news reporters stopped by to conduct interviews and to take pictures. It seems to be a big thing around town. Unfortunately, I think this is the last year our family will be doing it. We’ll see!

(Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent)


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