Why Quiet Clubbing Is a Fun Way to Party – For Introverts & Extroverts Alike.

Last Updated on October 7, 2023

Imagine yourself entering a nightclub. Alcohol is being served, people are dancing wildly, it is dark but the disco lights are flashing in an array of vibrant fluorescent colors. You can tell you’ve walked into a nightclub but when you look around, you hear absolutely nothing other than the faint sound of footsteps and people humming and singing under their breath while totally JAMMING OUT on the dance floor.

That was the beginning of my first “Quiet Clubbing” experience.

While traveling in Spain, my boyfriend introduced me to the Piccadilly Downtown Night Club in Valencia. I had never even heard of quiet clubbing up until that night. For those of you who might not have heard of this before, Quiet Clubbing – as an experience – takes a somewhat different approach to the very concept of what a nightclub “should be.” Rather than having one single DJ choose the music that everyone dances to, Quiet Clubbing hands the power over to the dancers to choose what THEY want to listen to!

When you enter the club, you trade a personal form of ID in exchange for a pair of wireless headphone. At Piccadilly, there were 3 main stations (red/green/blue) that you could choose to listen to. Each one was linked to one of the three DJs! Each station had a different style of music. Red was pop, green was trap, and blue was something else.

With the click of a little switch, you could easily jump from one frequency to another. There was no need to listen to a song you didn’t like with two other stations being but the push of a button away. Along those same lines, the headphones have a volume rocker switch so you can control precisely how loud you would like for your music to be.

I loved having that amount of control over my music while dancing.

For introverts, I believe quiet clubbing has a great appeal. Contrary to how it might sound, once you have put on the wireless headphones, quiet clubbing is anything but quiet. Introverts generally don’t like loud environments so being able to adjust the exact volume of your own music poses a huge appeal, at least for me. Not that you should make the music “quiet” as the name suggests… but you don’t have to leave the club with your ears bleeding either.

If you’re a bit shy and maybe aren’t the most confident dancer, quiet clubbing also provides a solution to help you get better. Whatever your reason may be for feeling that way, when you go quiet clubbing there are people everywhere dancing in different ways – to entirely different beats, simultaneously – because of the three different stations! I think that facet eliminates some of the pressure to look a certain way since so much is going on all at once. The focus is just on having fun and liking whatever you are listening to! I loved that!

For introverts, Quiet Clubbing makes dancing effortless since you can forget about the crowd of people surrounding you by focusing on your own beat. You’d be mistaken to think this eliminates the social element of clubbing! You can still look for singles or groups of people who are listening to the same station to dance with. The beauty of Quiet Clubbing is that it forces you to live in the moment. You never know when people around you will switch stations – or when you will! The headphones introduce such a unique aspect to clubbing and I really had the best time. Just don’t take off your headphones until you’re ready to leave because then it looks very silly haha. 😉


  1. Rocky
    I’ve never heard of private clubbing before but it sure sounds better than regular clubbing. They say that loud music ruins your ears, plus I hate having headaches after leaving a place.
    Besides, I don’t like a lot of noise anyway. I like to go to a place where I can relax and have fun, and even think.
    Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun and thank you for telling us about this unique form of clubbing.

    1. The Rocky Safari

      Definitely! It was awesome since we had so much control over the music and how it sounded throughout the night. Happy to share the experience with you! Definitely recommend giving it a try!

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