Cancun’s La Madonna Grill & Bar is a Classy Date Night Destination

Last Updated on May 29, 2021

When I traveled to Mexico, I planned to eat at authentic Mexican restaurants. My first two nights, I made sure to do just that. As a part of my meals, I enjoyed freshly made guacamole and challenged myself with consuming spicy peppers – including one that almost killed me – that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to try. Everything was delicious. You may not know this about me but one of my favorite foods in the whole world is cactus– something most people are either unaware of or totally turned off by. Really, don’t knock it until you try it. Cactus is surprisingly tasty! I ordered a small cactus salad my first night and ate steak served with cactus my second night. Both were incredible!

On my very last night in Mexico, while walking around the shops nearby, I stopped in front of an Italian – Swiss Grill & Martini Bar called La Madonna. I wasn’t planning on eating at an Italian restaurant during my brief getaway in Mexico but sometimes you have to live a little, right? The meditation music and chill vibes the restaurant gave off stopped me in my tracks.

La Madonna: Italian -Swiss Grill & Martini Bar

I stepped inside and stared in awe of how beautifully La Madonna was set up. It immediately struck me as a dream-date destination. If I was traveling with my boyfriend, it felt like the perfect place I would want to spend a night with him. I could totally see us enjoying a nice dinner together with a fine glass of wine. The outdoor seating was set up for people-watching. Looking in on the place, I wished so badly he was there with me. This place embodied my ideal night out.

Upon entering, your eyes meet the gaze of a giant painting of the Mona Lisa. In fact, the entire restaurant is filled with renaissance artwork giving special attention to Da Vinci’s work. Take notice of the walls, sculptures, and mood lighting.

You could take the stairs up to a second level with balcony seating. Up there, four small tables lined a railing looking down on the whole restaurant. I bet that would make for an amazing dinner date. It seemed so romantic up there.

Many of the meals are cooked table-side. I ordered a Caesar salad as an appetizer and even the salad was prepared beside my table. The hors d’oeuvre paired ground-up olives with freshly baked bread. Amazing. My main dish was a small steak (no cactus this time) and the pepper I mentioned earlier that almost killed me. (I literally didn’t even fully bite into it before I could feel my throat closing and tongue swelling. Good times.) I guess if you do decide to go on a date there, it might be wise to avoid the peppers

I don’t know where my travels will take me in the future but should I ever find myself in Cancun again, La Madonna is definitely at the top of the list for places to revisit.

Disclosure: This post was in no way sponsored and reflects only my true thoughts and opinions.


          1. atownbrown217

            so my boyfriend was right haha. Ill have to apologize to him because we have prickly pear at the house but it looks nothing like the pics on your profile :/

          2. The Rocky Safari

            I suppose there may be different kinds? I’m sure some are edible while others may not be. I’m by no means an expert on the topic though and haven’t had them since my trip to Mexico. Sorry for any confusion I’ve caused!

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