I’ve Gone Crazy for Coconut Water

Last Updated on September 29, 2023

While recovering from mono, the one constant battle my body dealt with was the fight against dehydration. Between Gatorades, flavored waters, and the many other drinks I tried, no drink was as effective at quenching my thirst as coconut water.

One night, I woke up from a nap and it was around 11 PM. My friend needed a ride to look for something he lost so I drove him to another campus. While we were out, I realized I really wanted coconut water. Unfortunately, Target was already closed and so was any other convenience store on campus that would carry it. I thought maybe just maybe the Grease Trucks might have some.

In my pajamas, I ran up to a food truck. Beside me stood a crowd of people who had ordered gyros, hamburgers, sandwiches, you name it. “Can I help you?” asked the worker from the truck’s main window.

“That depends – do you sell coconut water!?” I urgently asked.

“Hmm. No, we don’t,” he replied.

“Then nope, you can’t,” I responded as I pulled my coat tightly against my body and ran away from the food truck. I wanted to cry from the disappointment. I wanted coconut water so badly. How could they not sell coconut water??? Do they not know how replenishing it is?


  1. Craig Golbach

    Rocky, I know what you mean about coconut water! I remember when I went to my old hometown, my parents place. I went out looking for coconut water in this tiny upper mid-west town. Finally found some ridiculously priced coconut water (and of course bought it in protest) Ever since then, I have now been buying it by the case. Just to have it on hand in any such dire situation as yours. 🙂

  2. I’m shocked that there is someting that you can’t get at anytime of the day or night out there in the states ! Joking. It is a great drink to pick you up, and I’m glad that you are better….almost. Hope they were in your best pyjamas or people will be starting to talk !!!

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