Lulu for Gay Guys?

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

You may have heard of a new app that has been gaining some popularity lately!

As explained on Wikipedia, “Lulu is an app that allows women to anonymously and publicly rate men on their romantic, and sexual value and link those ratings to the man’s Facebook account. The app currently only allows women to access it.”

Now, I personally think this app isn’t right. Most reviews will probably make men look bad because people are naturally MUCH more inclined to review something when they are unhappy with it. In addition, they might exaggerate or lie if they just recently had a bad breakup, etc.

While I think the app is wrong, the bottom line is that it exists and there’s nothing we can do about it. So instead of wasting time complaining about it, I think it’s better to embrace it!

The only problem: Lulu only allows women to rate men. Men can’t rate men. It’s like the app doesn’t want to acknowledge that gay men do in fact exist and the information on there could be just as helpful to us!

It uses the gender you identify as on Facebook to determine whether or not you are allowed to use Lulu. Instead, I think they should rethink that process and use the “Interested In” section of your profile. I think it would be cool if Lulu granted access to anyone who has indicated an interest in men because that would reach the whole audience rather than just part of it.

What do you think?


  1. I think you’re being hippocritical. You don’t like that only heterosexual women can rate those they are interested in, so you suggest letting all with an interest in men be able to rate. Basically you’re thereby just invited gay men into the exclusive company of the heterosexual women, saying fuck off to the heterosexual men and the lesbians. Not a very emphatic move i think.

    1. I see where you are coming from but realize Lulu is not the place for heterosexual men or lesbians. There are other apps for them. Lulu is exclusively for rating men and besides women, the only other crowd that could benefit from that information is gay men.

      1. Calos

        Dude, this is like an all-girl party. We are not invited. We can have all-guy party and all-gay etc. too and they are not invited. Right? Dont get too personal, it ain’t cool bro.

        1. Mhm, it is an all-girl party. Lulu has built a unique platform for rating “people” that we don’t quite see for any other gender-group besides men. I’m just imagining the terrible things that would be said (by both men and women) if a rating app for women was created… Anyway, the app is already there and I think gay men would benefit from being able to use it too. Instead of using your Facebook “gender” to log in, it should use your “Interested In”. Just my personal thoughts on the subject.

  2. Devil in the Detail

    They should let it be open to either gender. Wouldn’t a heterosexual women like to know if a guy is sleeping with men? Likewise, a gay man would love to know if his date is “playing on both sides of the fence”. While it’s horrible to be “outed” so publicly, it would be in line with the whole invasion of privacy issue that is already so inherently controversial with this app.

    1. Yes, exactly! While it takes away privacy to some extent, it’s revealing important information to people who care about it. I don’t know, I think the more people who have access to it, the better. But at the same time, if they let straight men in, they might be tempted to hype themselves up anonymously or write bad things about men they are jealous of.

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