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Last Updated on May 30, 2021

“Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to? (Bonus points for adorable animal photos, and double bonus if they’re taken with your phone!)” -The Daily Post

At the moment, I have two cats and that is it.

I used to have a parakeet named Cyber. She was so precious. Sadly, she passed away for unknown reasons around two summers ago. I miss her so much! I’m SUCH a huge fan of birds. You may be wondering why I haven’t gotten another bird yet. The answer to that question is: Birds live a long time and realizing I would be leaving for college in 2013, it didn’t seem worth the sadness and heartbreak again of having to part ways.

This was Cyber! She loved climbing on my shoulder and sitting right under my face while I was studying.

Some day, when I’m out of college and settled in a home, I’m definitely going to get another bird. It’s most likely going to be either a green cheecked conure, a canary winged bee bee, a white bellied caique, or depending on what state I settle in (they are illegal in many places) maybe a blue quaker parrot. Here is a photo gallery of what they look like:

And then part of me just wants this puppy.

Japanese Chin


  1. I am glad you are putting some thought into this. Birds, especially any type of parrot, can live for years, if not decades. Some people even put provisions into their wills for the care of their birds should the bird outlive them.

    1. Absolutely. Nothing makes me more mad than seeing birds in a pet store because I know people walking by will spot them, notice all of the pretty colored feathers, and buy one more as a novelty than anything else. It’s terrible. Some of these birds CAN live for decades and I think it’s important that every potential owner is educated about that before any official purchase is made!

  2. It is so wonderful that you’ve taken uni into your considerations! I know a lot of people who didn’t, and suddenly a host of birds were looking for new homes as their owners moved away. Cyber was so terribly cute! I have a real soft spot for budgies. Your cats are adorable, too. (I have to admit, I love felines, but they don’t mesh too well with birds, haha, so I’ll probably never own one again.)

      1. I highly recommend the Chin. Ours is as close to the perfect dog as I’ve ever had (and we’ve had a lot of dogs). Very calm, sociable. I can take her anywhere. The Quaker is my daughter’s, not the friendliest bird, though she seems to be getting better. She will pick a person and be sweet to that one, but if you are not her chosen person, look out. This weekend I seem to be the Chosen One πŸ™‚

        1. Hahaha ahh so many tough decisions! Both sound too cute. Luckily I have AT LEAST another 4 years to think about it since I’m about to embark on my college journey this fall!

          Thanks for the insight! I’ve always considered myself a bird person but now that I think about it, it would be nice to have a dog as a companion when I’m off and living on my own. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens. πŸ˜€

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