I’m Going to Be Interviewed on TV This Week!

Last Updated on June 5, 2021

In the state of Michigan, I am going to be interviewed on television this week to discuss the topic of travel. I’ll be talking about what my experience was like being a digital nomad and traveling the world.

More importantly, my pigeon from Croatia is going to be on TV! ♥ Along with the other birds from my travels and my wild, pet chipmunk: Pancake!

My pigeon, Belle, from Zadar, Croatia.

The Weekly Television Talk Show

The interview will be featured on a weekly television talk show.

Without giving too much away, I wanted to say that I’ll be sharing some never-before-seen pictures and stories from my travels that I have not yet shared publicly on my blog. If you would like that early-access glimpse into my solo backpacking trip, you should totally watch it!

The 30-minute one-on-one interview will be airing on a local cable station within the state of Michigan. The show has been in production for 16 years and counting. If you don’t live in the area where it will be broadcasted but would still like to tune in to watch it, I should be receiving a link soon to the recording which will be available online for streaming.

This talk show highlights businesses and entrepreneurs at every stage from start-up to stellar, as well as showcases other organizations that support entrepreneurship and business development. Their mission is to raise awareness about different entrepreneurs and other local business opportunities that benefit the community.

Assuming nothing changes, the new episode should air locally in Michigan on either Channel 15 or 18 either this Tuesday at 11:00 AM or on Thursday at 8:00 PM.

Once the interview link is ready, I’ll share it on here for anyone who is interested in watching!


Preparation for TV

When I found out I’d have the chance to speak on television, I was practically jumping out of my seat. What a fun, unique opportunity!

My Work Station Setup

Normally, the interview would have been filmed in a professional studio in Michigan, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been conducting interviews online instead. I really wanted the recording to go well and for the episode to remain as professional as possible so I was committed to making sure I would be able to deliver everything I could on my end.

I decided to go out and make some upgrades to my current work station.

A ring light is something I’ve been tinkering with the idea of getting for a while now. Prior to the pandemic, I wanted one for photography and vlogging purposes. Even with teaching English online, I considered it. Then came the era of Zoom and my need for one was only magnified.

Recognizing my need for better lighting, this television interview gave me the perfect reason to finally commit to improving my workstation setup.

I already owned a Blue Yeti microphone from voice recording work I had done in the past. Even though people tend to hyper-focus on cameras and lighting with vlogging, I tend to think high-quality audio is arguably even more important for viewers!

The ring light, microphone, and MacBook made for a really decent streaming setup.

I haven’t actually watched the interview playback yet, but I’m really hoping the equipment helped it come out better than had I streamed it only using my MacBook on its own.

A great mentor in the field of public speaking once told me, control what you can control.

In other words, he meant people should always prepare and have a good grasp on the little things within our control like our outfits, equipment, and how much we have prepared before presenting or speaking.

Anything can happen at any point, but at least this way, you’ll have the best shot at things going harmoniously.

Having all those things prepped early can help ease any anxiety you may be having beforehand.

As an introvert, it’s extremely daunting to appear on television. My excitement easily overpowers my anxiety, but I must admit it is still there. (BELIEVE ME. IT’S THERE.) My heart was racing so fast leading up to it. So in order to keep myself from having a full-blown panic attack, I needed to know my setup was ready to go in advance and then focus on putting myself into a calmer state through my own little meditative techniques.

They say public speaking gets easier with practice. I freak myself out for whatever reason, but I honestly love public speaking. It’s a very weird feeling to know you enjoy the same thing that terrifies you.

I’m really hoping the interview turns out good and reflects positively on traveling, working remotely, being an entrepreneur, and of course… the animals! 🙂

Recognition for Belle

It makes me happy to see Belle (AKA “My Pigeon”) getting some publicity even if it is through making a guest appearance on my own interview.

I recently wrote about my story with her in a separate post where I discussed how we met and connected in Zadar, Croatia.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, this animal-friendship YouTube video from 2018 pretty much sums it up:

She’s going to be mentioned in it along with a few other friends from The Safari!

Stay Tuned!

 I’ll be sure to update the blog once I have received more information on this.


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