5 Great Date Ideas You Can Use In New York City

Last Updated on March 27, 2021

New York City has no shortage of interesting places to check out. If you’re looking for cute date ideas in the NYC area, the list of potential destinations is endless. Putting aside some of the more typical ideas, like hanging around Times Square for instance, there are a number of other places worth exploring. (Of course, if you haven’t been to Times Square in the past then going there is a must.) I have compiled a list of more specific ideas to help you get inspired. During the month and a half that Jorge and I spent together this summer, we must have gone to New York a dozen times or more. Using our own dates as a starting point, I’ve picked out the top five things we did that I felt we had the most fun with.

1. Rooftop Bars

I’m embarrassed to admit I had no clue that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has its very own rooftop bar! I’ve gone to the MET with my friends more times than I could ever recount and never once did I hear anything about there being a rooftop open to the public. It wasn’t until Jorge mentioned it that I discovered its very existence! One of the lesser known facts about the MET is that their listed admission fees are merely suggestions. If money is tight, you can technically enter for less. Rooftop access is included with your standard admission. Of course, they get you with their drink prices but that’s typical for New York. Even if you don’t wish to drink, you’re welcome to walk around, take pictures, wander as you please.

2. Take a stroll through Washington Square Park

On one of the hottest days this summer, Jorge and I took a stroll through Washington Square Park. I have to say, I really enjoyed the vibe at this particular public park. Everyone was out and about, either walking their pets, chilling on blankets in the grass, playing music, or reading on the many benches that line the park. There is a grand water fountain at the center of the park where kids were splashing and playing around. I even spotted one girl hand feeding a squirrel some food – I didn’t even know you could do that…

3. Explore Museums like the MET & MOMA

Back on the topic of museums, New York has plenty. The MET is one of the least expensive options and it is massive. As many times as I have been, there are many exhibits I have never even come close to making my way to. Not to mention, they add and remove special exhibits all the time. This summer, they had a special fashion exhibit that Jorge and I spent a lot of time checking out.

Ghibli Admission Ticket!

The Museum of Modern Art is another great museum to visit. When we went, they had Van Gogh’s Starry Night. There was a very scary bodyguard beside the painting who would shout “TWO FEET, SIR. TWO FEET,” if you got too close. Bear that in mind if you attempt to lean in for a closer look. You’ve been warned.

4. Test your luck Thrift Shopping

Buffalo Exchange Thrift Shop

New York has optimal foot traffic to increase your odds of achieving success while thrift shopping. Jorge and I went to a few thrift shops although our favorite was by far the Buffalo Exchange. The first few shops were mostly just so-whats to us. Fun to shop in but we had no luck. It was only at the Buffalo Exchange that we actually found clothes we debated buying. The prices weren’t the lowest we’ve seen but considering most of their clothes were designer brand names, they were greatly discounted.

5. Go up-scale clubbing in NYC

I’m not really one to “go out” but every once in awhile, it’s fun when I’m feeling up to it. Especially in good company. One of my best friends was celebrating her twenty second birthday and she invited both myself and Jorge to the Slate nightclub in New York City. Their dress code was more on the strict side. Absolutely no shorts or sneakers were allowed. We had a great time dancing and celebrating with the rest of our group. If you’re just looking for a fun night out to dance and have fun with your significant other or best friends, I think New York’s clubs are a must see.

New York has an incredibly long list of places to go and things to try. I know this list only scratches the surface. As I mentioned in the beginning, I have generated these ideas purely from personal experience. If you have any recommendations of your own, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below! I’d love to hear them.

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