Don’t Leave China Without Visiting The Summer Palace

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

Once our summer program ended, my friends and I ventured off to Beijing on our own to see a number of other tourist attractions like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. We stayed at yet another new hotel, in another new place, with new things all around us.

Monsoon in Shanghai
Caught in a Monsoon in Shanghai

In order to get from Shanghai to Beijing, we took one of those fancy bullet trains. Chinese subways seriously stress me out but it was an affordable and fast way to travel so we all went with it.

One of our first stops in Beijing was the Summer Palace. The place was stunning! In retrospect, I think it was the most beautiful place we visited in China. It was also the most challenging to explore. It required a lot of walking, it was really hot out, and my feet HURT by the end of it.

I was more worn out after climbing all the stairs at the Summer Palace than I was after climbing the Great Wall of China! But maybe that is because I built up my endurance walking the Palace before climbing the Great Wall the very next day…? I’m not sure.

Considering I’d never even heard of the Summer Palace prior to visiting China, I was shocked by how beautiful it was. What’s even funnier to me is the fact that I think it was my favorite place we visited! The entire surrounding area of the Summer Palace was so peaceful. <3


  1. Althought I lived in Beijing for 2 months in 2009, but I never went to the Summer Palace……:(
    Last time I went to Berjing, I just visited Tian’an Men – The gate of the forbidden city and 798 art zone. 798 is a interesting place and it’s good for taking photos.

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