I Walked the Great Wall of China!!!!

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

Some advice for anyone planning on taking a bus to the Great Wall of China: BE CAREFUL WHICH BUS LINE YOU WAIT ON.

Do yourself a favor & DON’T wait on THIS line.

Wait on the OTHER one. To the left.

When my friends and I arrived at the designated departure area for the buses that transport people to the Great Wall, we were met with two REALLY long lines.

Unsure of the difference between the two, we walked to the end of the shorter line and waited. Although our line was a bit shorter than the other, the other line seemed to be moving faster than ours…

It got to a point where we were so fed up with our line not moving at all that half of our group left the line we were on to switch to the other line! Except, as soon as they gave up their spots and began to walk away, our line started quickly filling buses even faster than the other line was! *facepalm*

That half of the group came running back.


It turns out, one was a standing line and the other was a sitting line. Guess which one we were on!

Yep! We stood for TWO HOURS on a crowded bus as it made its way to the faraway Great Wall of China.

By the time we got there, my legs already hurt. We hadn’t even started climbing yet! I wasn’t even sure if I could still handle climbing the Great Wall of China anymore…. hahaha.

Going into this adventure, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Great Wall.

I think I assumed there would be a lot of steps. (I know, I know: call me Einstein.)

There were a lot of steps, but there were also a lot of steep ramps. Up and down every few steps. There was one steep point where I actually had to stop, turn around, run back down, and then try to run back up it because I didn’t have enough momentum to get to the top the first time.

To stay hydrated, I brought a big bottle of Nongfu water with me (my favorite brand of Chinese water – safe for Americans to drink!) and I ate a lot of those white, cheap Chinese popsicles that are sold everywhere.

Nongfu Spring
My favorite brand of Chinese Water

I’m not sure how to describe the flavor of them. They look like they’d be vanilla except I don’t think they were. I actually don’t know what flavor they were!

When I finally got to the top of the Great Wall of China, I jumped and touched the wall to mark a personal victory. Then I began my venture back down to the bottom. It was pretty surreal to be there standing on the Great Wall.

I kept thinking to myself, “This is it! I just walked the GREAT WALL OF CHINA.” Who knows when or if I’ll ever get to do that again! A total dream come true!

I’ll carry these memories with me forever.

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