To Wuzhen, Hangzhou, and Beyond

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

Wuzhen means water town.

In the city of Wuzhen, life revolves around water. There are streams that flow between the city’s streets. Water lines the edges of buildings and helps the native Chinese people travel around their village.

Wuzhen is a 1,300 year old town located on the lower end of the Yangtze River. People still build their houses along the water and have established a market near the bridges where many tourists visit. Though the street was tight and we were barely able to push our way through, our group did manage to make it to the other end and we even did some shopping along the way!

From there, we drove to the wonderful city of Hangzhou. Hangzhou translates to living poetry. The city is recognized for its artistic gardens, temples, pagodas, and islands throughout the lake. While we were there, two of our major stops were the Tea Village at Mei Jia Wu and the Leifeng Pagoda.

The original pagoda was built in 975 AD. The Chinese believed that the bricks from the pagoda could fight illness and prevent miscarriages so many people stole the bricks to grind them into powder. On September 25, 1924, the pagoda finally collapsed.

After reconstruction, the new Leifeng pagoda opened on October 25, 2002.


          1. There are 2 towns in Wuzhen, the east town was actually built by the ancient people, the west town was built not very long time but much bigger, as I saw you took boats, I guess you visited the west town.

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