Written During My 26 Hour Journey to China

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

(Written on 7/7/2015 – posting now since I FINALLY have access to Wi-Fi)

I actually want to cry.

I’m typing this post as my airplane is flying over the North Pole, marking the halfway point in my journey to Shanghai, China. We’ve been up in the air for about 7.5 hours now AND WE’RE OFFICIALLY HALFWAY TO CHINA! YAY.

Another 7.5 hours to go and then my 15-hour flight will finally be complete.

I’m thinking about everything I’ve done since I’ve gotten on this airplane and I really cannot fathom how I’m going to keep myself busy for another whole 7.5 hours. My day today started at 3 AM when I woke up to go to the airport. Because of my layover, I had to take an early flight to another airport where I then sat around for 5 hours playing tic-tac-toe on an iPad with some of the people who I’m going to China with.

When I first got on the plane, I took out my Nook and looked at all of the books I purchased for this trip. I decided I would read The Maze Runner since it seemed like a light read and I was already reasonably tired. Not too long after, the plane shut off the big lights so I ended up turning my nook off. (I know I could have just turned on my personal light but I didn’t want to bother the people sitting around me if they wanted to sleep.) So I explored the little TV screen in front of me instead. I clicked on the movies option and one of their new releases was The Maze Runner so I watched it instead! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. Now I’m even more excited to read the book!!!

But yeah, so with 7.5 hours left, I’m really not sure what I’m going to do. I’d sleep but I’m so tired that I’m not tired if that makes sense. (I also have a hard time sleeping on planes in general.) I CAN’T WAIT TO LAND IN CHINA!


  1. Jennifer

    Hey Rocky! I have trouble sleeping on flights too. The Maze Runner series is amazing, and so is the movie. I hope your jet lag won’t be too bad. On the bright side, I think staying awake during your flight will allow you to fall asleep well at night time in China, so it’ll help you cross time zones. Rest up once you get off the flight!

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