My Blog’s Year in Review: 2013 Edition


Photo Jan 24, 4 59 50 PMIce-skating in Endless Circles

When did my sister buy ice skates? Where did this ice rink come from? When did she fill it with air? When did it freeze? Who set it up? I don’t understand.


539088_2766426855786_1922659461_nThe Way Chinese Food Was Meant to Be Eaten

You’ve been eating it the wrong way your whole life.


(Sorry, I took down these two posts in 2021 so they’re no longer available.)

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 9.57.42 PMThe Power of the Internet

Through the power of online video-chatting, my Grandma’s sister from Italy was able to see our faces for the first time in many years. It was a beautiful moment.

I’m Deprived of ArtDSC05989

Most high school students take a pottery or ceramics class. Sometimes I wish I had that experience…


trig1_smalllandscapeGuess Who Withdrew From Calculus!

I can only calculate the derivative of my tears.

Rutgers or TCNJ?

Someone please help me decide where I want to spend the next 4 years of my life!


Flowers of Spring 2013DSC07703

A gallery featuring the flowers I’ve admired this season.


s0706567_sc7What is the Best Pen?

A full review of which pens I like the best. I prefer fine tips, smooth lines, and quick drying ink. 

My Best Friends YearbookCan You Tell I Signed My Best Friend’s Yearbook?

After 4 years together, I had to do something special for her. This was my best shot.


I’m Back!Photo on 2013-11-05 at 14.33 #2

What a crazy last few weeks! College orientation. International convention. National competition. New job.


Second Place Winners at SkillsUSA!
Second Place Winners at SkillsUSA!

SkillsUSA National Championships

Guess who placed at nationals! 🙂 Bronze, silver, and gold. The collection is complete.



Photo Sep 17, 5 40 21 PMKing Neptune Night at Rutgers

All you can eat seafood. Here’s what King Neptune Night at Rutgers is all about. 

best-picture-gallery-macro-photography-praying-mantis-markopoulos-picPraying Mantis Tough Love

After mating, the female kills her male partner. How crazy is that?


1186227_3417019160187_1151075950_nBirdwatching at Rutgers: Obviously the Best Byrne Seminar

Birdwatching was my favorite class this semester. It’s such a peaceful activity and a great hobby to get into. Take a Byrne Seminar!  



20120525_Samsung_2012_Chromebook_004_620x463Google is Trying to Kill Caps Lock

Google Chromebooks lack a Caps Lock button and it is not a mistake. Here is what’s up.


Photo Dec 25, 6 17 00 PMHow My Family Discovered Grindr on Christmas Day

The awkward moment when you want to explain something but you can’t because if you do, everyone will find out about your secret. 

Photo Dec 25, 3 50 51 PMThe Advantages of Blogging on a Samsung Chromebook

I think I like my $200.00 Chromebook better than my $1000.00 MacBook Pro. These are the reasons why.

The Rocky Safari