Revisiting Little Venice, Mykonos On My Second Trip to the Greek Island

Last Updated on September 15, 2023

Revisiting Little Venice, Mykonos

What it meant to me to see my sister. And to be with her in MYKONOS!

There are no words that could describe how incredible that reunion felt.

Me and my sister in Mykonos

Being back in Little Venice with my sister was so surreal. I was just there for the first time the year before and I never so much as even dreamed that I might return back a year later!

Rocky in Little Venice, Mykonos
Photo taken during my first visit to Little Venice, Mykonos

You can read more about that initial visit to Little Venice in my blog post: Travel Recommendations for Gay Men Who Want to Visit Mykonos

This time, I was there with a totally different purpose.

I needed to be around loved ones, and heal, and as a result, I was much less focused on the touristy things surrounding me.


Instead of sharing a detailed outline of Little Venice, I’ll keep this post short & sweet and just share some happy memories of things that made me smile during my brief return to the island.


Salt Bae t-shirt

Salt Bae! Did you know Mykonos is famous for its salt? You can find it forming on rocks there.


Cats in Mykonos

It reminded me of feeding the wild cats in Athens!


Ouzo in Mykonos

Another happy memory from Athens! Ouzo was one of the drinks my first Airbnb host gifted me to welcome me to their country when I first started backpacking.


Little Venice at night

The gay-friendly island feels incredibly safe. Walking around with my sister made it even better!


White buildings in Mykonos

The Greek islands have such a distinctive look to them!


Gyro in Mykonos
Rocky eating a gyro in Mykonos

Can you really travel to Greece and not order at least one?


Rocky with his sister in Mykonos

The ultimate reason I decided to return. 🥰

There was nothing that could beat seeing people I care about when I needed them most. Me and my sister were such goofs on that trip. Even now, I look back and ask myself what the two of us were doing in Mykonos. The spontaneity of our planning and the fact that it ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Despite it being such a generally sad time in my life, the memories from this trip make me incredibly nostalgic.


      1. That’s right – focus on what’s important!
        Pain feels like an elephant on your chest in the moment, but – like guilt – it passes when you take the proper actions. For you, your impromptu flight to Greece to see your sister was absolutely the right action! So glad that was available to you. ☺️

  1. I’m happy this trip helped you heal after a dark period in your life. Mykonos looked like a blast, and what better way to spend your time than with your sister? I appreciate the LGBTQ-friendly vibes of the island, the delicious eats, and everything in between. Bon voyage!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca!! Mykonos was one of the nicest islands I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting and the LGBT-friendliness was definitely one of many reasons I’d happily go back again! I’m happy my sister could experience it with me!

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