My Traveling Isn’t Over Just Yet!

Last Updated on May 29, 2021

After touring China for 2 weeks and then going straight to a week long convention in Indiana, I was really starting to look forward to going home. Except, as soon as I met up with my parents at the airport, my mom said to me, “Hey, I think we’re going to go away tomorrow.”

I chuckled. I actually thought she was messing around with me until I got home and saw a bunch of duffle bags all packed up around our house. “You’re being serious?” I asked.

“Yup! Nowhere far. Staying at a resort in Jersey for a few nights,” she replied, “Just a quick getaway.”

I wasn’t sure if I should go with them or not. I wanted to catch up on sleep because my last two trips were tiring! China was all about non-stop sightseeing and Indianapolis was a structured business-like trip where I got very little sleep- and I was jetlagged! I ended up tagging along only because I knew it was a family getaway so I could kick back and relax while I was there.

I couldn’t believe I was repacking my suitcase again.

We got hit with a few storms while we were away but it didn’t matter too much since the hotel had an indoor pool. I enjoyed their beautiful Chef’s Garden and nature paths when the sun was out. The whole place was lovely! Even if I’m not “Home-home” yet, I’m just glad to be back in Jersey.


  1. Craig J Golbach

    Rocky, it’s just good to have you on terra firma, back in the U.S. The Chef’s Garden that you pictured is absolutely beautiful. Well and then there’s you! I still just can’t get over your smile, it’s magnificent and most definitely unmistakeable from a mile away! 😀 Rest and enjoy the rest of your summer. 😉

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