Today Is Day One of Expo Milano 2015

Last Updated on June 21, 2023

In 2010, I was completely obsessed with the Expo being held in Shanghai, China. I wanted to go SO BADLY but I wasn’t ready to travel internationally on my own so I didn’t get to go. (Part of my China tour this summer will include a stop at the Exposition site so I actually will get to a see a few of the leftover pavilions in-person even if it is 5 years later!!!! Update: Sad news, I didn’t get to see the China Pavilion during my 2015 trip to China either because it happened to randomly be closed the day I was scheduled to visit it. The universe must hate me.)

Anyway, today marks Day Uno of EXPO Milano 2015!

Unfortunately, I don’t see myself being able to attend this year’s EXPO either. It’s in Italy which gives me an even greater reason for wanting to attend but due to my other trips this summer, the chances of me going are slim to none.

For those of you who are attending at some point between today to the end of October, I hope you have an amazing time. This year’s exposition theme is “Nutrire il pianeta. Energia per la vita.” Feed the planet. Energy for life.

Oh well. I guess I’ll do what I did last time and experience the exposition through tourist’s YouTube videos and blog posts. They typically do a really good job at capturing the essence of the expositions (from what I can tell, anyways.) 🙂

ONE DAY – I WILL GO. EXPO, mark my words!

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