My Grandma Can Smell the Soldiers at Old Navy

Last Updated on August 25, 2023

I called home to discuss my plans on coming home for Thanksgiving since my university closes this Wednesday. While talking to my mom, she told me a story about my grandma that made me laugh.

My grandma asked my mom over the phone, “Where can I get your father a good pair of jeans? All of his are worn.”

My mother suggested to her, “If you’re looking for a less expensive pair that he can do his gardening stuff in, try GAP or Old Navy.”

My grandma: “Really? You think? Hmm, I’ll try GAP. I hate the smell of Old Navy.”

My mom said back, “Haha what’s wrong with the smell of Old Navy?? I’ve never noticed anything when I’ve been there…”

Then my grandma went on: “OH HOW I HATEEE IT!”

my mom’s reaction

Completely confused, my mom proceeded to say, “Mom, I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve purchased things from Old Navy before and if they even use any cologne or perfume, it’s nothing strong at all…”

My grandma continued, “They cannot mask the smell of war.”

Mom: “what.”

It turns out my Grandma thought Old Navy was like a Salvation Army thrift shop containing old clothes from the Navy. As if everything in Old Navy was previously owned and worn by the Navy soldiers or something…

We cleared things up with her and explained that Old Navy does NOT sell second-hand clothes like she had thought. We explained that it’s a place where she should be able to go in and leave with a pair of new jeans. They should not by any means smell like combat.

Now I’m sitting here wondering how many other people out there think the same thing of Old Navy…


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