I Miss Having a Bird So Much

Last Updated on December 6, 2022

On my first day of Spring Break, I decided to look up pictures and videos of domestic birds. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do when I have time to spare. Who needs movie theaters when the internet has clips of Cockatoos fighting for their independence?

And then there are precious moments like these that make me miss having a bird.

I recently read the book Alex & Me (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) so I decided to watch an interview with the author, Irene Pepperberg. What an incredible woman. I would have loved the chance to meet her and Alex before he left us.

Feeling inspired by the film, I had another self-discovery. When I finish my education and I’m living on my own, I don’t want a bunch of smaller birds as I’d previously planned. No, I want one bigger bird! I want an African Grey.

I used to have all of these plans for the different birds I’d get along with where I’d put them. I was young and probably overly excited about the idea of owning pets after growing up in a home where I wasn’t really allowed to have them.

I now realize that having just one bird is much more my style. I get that birds are different than humans but as a true introvert, one-on-one time with a bird appeals to me more so than the thought of coming home to a house filled with a big flock.

I think African Greys are perfect. They’re so smart. Such intelligent birds are capable of so much more than the average everyday person would expect. Some are great talkers too!

Not to mention, they’re so elegant! Don’t get me wrong, I love the bright feathers on tropical birds like the Scarlet Macaw and Sun Conure but I appreciate the sharp look of grey feathers with a bright red tail even more. I really admire the simplicity!


To anyone reading this who has not previously owned a bird, if you’re considering buying or adopting ANY bird, please do some research first. Birds can be loud and demanding creatures- and they’re not for everyone.

I started with a small budgie and she was an excellent first stepping stone in learning all of the responsibilities associated with owning a bird. Many pet birds have special dietary requirements, need out-of-cage exercise time, and crave social interaction. You can’t lock them away in a cage and treat them like decorations. Please, take the time to educate yourself before making any big decisions.


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