Two Month Update From Quarantine

Last Updated on October 7, 2023

I have been living in quarantine for 2 months.

What’s amazing, to me, is that we’ll remember this pandemic for the rest of our lives. Everything has been so extreme. The disease. The response. The pushback. All of it is just… a lot.

For me, this Friday will mark 9 full weeks of social distancing from family, friends, and other humans in general. At this point in the quarantine process, I am realizing that there are things I miss and things I have done just fine without.

Here’s what I miss:

Family & Friends

First and foremost, I miss seeing people I care about. Video chatting and partaking in virtual game nights have helped me trick myself into thinking life is still going on as usual. Still, part of me misses the kind of interactions that really only happen when you’re around one another. I want to see my grandparents. I want to go out for drinks with my friends.

It is hard to envision what it will be like finally being around people again after all of this trauma. Will things be similar to how they used to be?

Leaving My House

This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever stayed home for this long.

61 days without going… anywhere.

Even as a baby, while being raised by my parents, I still had to go out every now and then. Whether it was for a visit to a doctor or because my parents needed to run an errand and I had to tag along, there were still reasons to venture out. But not now.

Times are different.

It’s such a strange feeling to just… be… home. All the time.

Shopping In Real Life

Anything that’s necessary gets ordered online and delivered. Amazon and online retailers have changed everything because it’s actually possible to legitimately “stay home.” The fact that it is even possible to live like this is actually amazing, in a strange kind of way.

I miss being able to jump in my car and drive to a store just to look around. Leisurely shopping for no reason other than for some much needed retail therapy. I used to love going to malls just to be in a busy place filled with people. I think that is why I loved walking to Primark in Spain. People. Hustle and bustle. Something about it made me happy.


My state, New Jersey, has been battling against the rapid spread of this terrible virus. Cases have been really widespread here. Maybe it is because of how densely populated we are here. πŸ™ What’s even more interesting is that despite being a major hotspot, many people here are protesting and fighting to demand a rapid re-opening of our state’s economy.

I like to have my own freedoms and liberties as much as the next person, but not at the expense of risking my own health. I am not exactly sure what everyone is so angry about. Social distancing sucks but social distancing is not being mandated to make us miserable.

They want to slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. And flattening the curve successfully means social distancing works.Β Not that COVID-19 was overhyped or a total hoax, which some conspiracy theorists seem to be pushing.

Critical Thinking

Very recently, a video called “Plandemic” went viral.

That video seems to promote anti-vaccine propaganda hoping to make people doubtful of Dr. Fauci and the government’s intent. With ominous music playing in the background, they make claims such as, “the flu vaccine already had coronavirus in it.” The documentary makes the coronavirus pandemic seem like one giant plot against the American people engineered for Trump’s ultimate demise. Nevermind the small detail that this pandemic originated in China and has negatively impacted the entire global economy, not just ours.

I wanted to address the rumors in that video with a different video from Doctor Mike who fact-checks the claims made in Plandemic and explains which ones are true and which ones are misrepresentations. You can watch it here:

The amount of controversy and unrest that I’ve observed over the last two months has been striking. It feels like no one really knows what to think anymore. Watching people debate over these decisions in politics, public health, and civil rights is exhausting. It is just one huge mess.

It doesn’t help that this pandemic is the only thing you hear about on the news.

(I’ve always avoided the news channels on television as a source of gaining information because of their focus on negativity. This pandemic has only magnified my lack of desire to ever use them as a reputable source of receiving unbiased information.)

You really have to think – and think hard – about where you get your information from.

Feeling Safe

I hate that when I reach into my refrigerator to grab a carton of milk, I have to wonder… could this have coronavirus on it? On one hand, I feel overly paranoid thinking like that with every single thing I touch. On the other hand, I know it’s actually not totally irrational. It’s a real possibility.

Underreacting can be just as bad as overacting, if not worse. To ignore simple safety precautions is just a manifestation of being in denial over what is happening here.

Here’s what I don’t miss:

The Pressures of Daily Life

As difficult as staying in quarantine has been, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that these last few weeks have been extremely beneficial to me for the sole purpose of relaxing.Β 

There has been a lot of anxiety and worry along the way but the time being stuck home has also helped me to take a deep breath and to stop thinking about everyone else. Sometimes I’ve felt guilty for not going out and doing things but I have to remind myself that I’m actually serving the greater good here by keeping my distance.

I’m so used to always having responsibilities and this is the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to put my own priorities first. I’ve coped with all of this by spending more time on hobbies and projects I’m personally invested in – like my blog!

I’ll miss having all of this time at my disposal.

How are you doing?

Hope you’re staying healthy and safe.


  1. I work at a grocery store. the store (part of a billion-dollar chain) is hiring, we are getting new people every week.

    they are still giving everyone an ungodly amount of hours.

    I know I should be grateful, but I’m just tired.

    1. Oh wow! Yeah, I bet you’re busier than ever. Please do your best to stay safe out there! I hope you can catch a break from all the chaos soon. Much respect to you and all the other essential workers out there. πŸ™‚

  2. Suze

    we’re still safe and well, but then my husband and I have been holed up in our home since we weren’t put in a lockdown. Our state is redder than red..they were hesitant about locking down anything, and did it fairly late in the game…but with both of us having worked in medical fields and with all o our friends being doctors, nurses, or those with significant health issues, we chose to simply stay home as much as possible. When we go out, we wear masks……I’ve made a bazillion of them by now, and all friends and family members have at least two. We make our own sanitizer as there is none to be purchased. I sterilize everything….even my mailbox. Would hate for our sweet mailman to get anything from us. The things I miss are minor in comparison to what we could have done……..we’re both on retirement so thankfully wages are not affected. So far as the proponents of “it’s my constitutional right” the answer lies with it may be. BUT it is not their right to make me ill or infringe upon my rights. they don’t get that. Stay safe Rocky…hang in there. You are an important part of many people’s lives……..just reading your blog affects us.

    1. I’m genuinely so happy to hear that you and your husband still took matters into your own hands like that and self-isolated. Even if there aren’t definitive answers yet, that’s a much safer direction to go in. I think it’s better to be overly cautious and preventative when dealing with a pandemic. Thanks so much for all the kind words, Suze! It means a lot to me! Stay healthy and let’s all get through this.

  3. I have asthma so I have been hunkered down at home most of the time. A couple of doctors I see pretty regularly are done by phone and I have another one coming up on a video chat. My boyfriend grabs groceries after work and picks up any meds needed so I don’t really have a reason to go out. Hope you stay safe and healthy Rocky!

    1. Yes, please be extra cautious!! It is so nice that your boyfriend is helping to make the circumstances safer for you. If things can be done from home, all the better. Stay healthy and safe! To the both of you! πŸ™‚

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