3 Steps to Brew a Horrifyingly Beautiful Cup of Tea

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

Outside of China, I question how many people are fully aware of the many types of tea that exist.

I’m not simply talking about the variety of tea leaves.

I’m referring to the ways in which leaves are packaged and prepared for steeping. I’m sure you’re familiar with tea bags. Perhaps tea pyramids too? And you probably know of loose leaf tea by now- like what you’d buy at Teavana.

But did you know you could buy blossoming tea that blooms before your very eyes?

Yes – this type of tea grows into a flower!

And usually, it is beautiful! Except for when it’s… not…

This Thanksgiving, I decided to bloom my own cup of tea. What I brewed, however, was probably the scariest looking cup of tea I have EVER made in my life. This particular tea bulb was freaky-looking! In the words of my father, “it looked like a drowned tarantula.” But let’s not get caught up in that. We’re here today to see how this tea is made.

Here’s how to brew a horrifyingly beautiful cup of tea in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Place mysterious Chinese tea bulb in a wine glass.

Step 2

Carefully pour hot water over the mysterious Chinese tea bulb.

Step 3

Watch as mysterious tea bulb evolves into wild tea Medusa.


Enjoy your cup of semi-living jasmine tea!

Disclaimer: Many teaposy tea bulbs are actually quite beautiful. That is why I bought them to begin with. I have no idea why this one turned out to be so scary looking.......


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