A New Apple Watch to Celebrate Turning 20!

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

I’m so excited to finally be 20 years old! I feel like age 19 is one of those awkward years where it is hard to tell what stage in your life you’re at. At age 18, you legally become an “adult.” At age 20, you complete and begin a new decade of your life. At age 21, you’re finally old enough to do pretty everything else you couldn’t do before. What is so special about 19? But that’s beside the point.

This birthday actually ‘feels’ like the start of a new chapter in my life.

Besides celebrating my birthday with *PUMPKIN* pancakes and *PUMPKIN* muffins (both of which I love), my family got me an Apple Watch today! My quest for wearable technology started at the beginning of the semester when I told myself I’d try to focus more on my physical health this year. I began looking at Fitbits and Jawbones and questioned which features I wanted. Did I want a fitness tracker? How about a smartwatch?

For the longest time, I overlooked Apple Watches. I viewed them as overpriced and seemingly unnecessary. What real benefit could a Bluetooth-connected watch possibly offer? The reviews I’ve read have been mixed. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Few are in between.

Though I haven’t had mine for long, I’ve been enjoying my Apple Watch Sport so far. There’s something very convenient about having notifications smoothly integrated into a device you can quickly glance down at. Being more aware of my messages has been helpful since I have a tendency to ignore my phone when it’s not readily available.

The fitness features are great. The heart rate monitor, pedometer, and general health stats are interesting to keep track of and do exactly what I wanted. The Watch offers more novel features like being able to control your camera via the watch, sending sketches, taps, and heartbeats to other Apple Watch users, and being able to use Apple Pay through the watch directly. There are a lot of unexpected capabilities that I find exciting, for now at least. Oh and don’t forget that it is water-resistant and has ForceTouch: an extra dimension of “pressing” to select items on the watch face.

I actually really like the way it looks too. I wasn’t sure how I felt at first but the white band and silver body are almost reminiscent of the original iPhone and its look is growing on me. The Watch is comfortable on my wrist, the white sport band is soft to touch, and it barely weighs anything. The bands are interchangeable so you can play around with different color combinations and band styles. (Though additional bands are somewhat costly.)

We will see how I feel about this watch as more time goes by. I have 15 days to return it if I change my mind. For now, I am surprisingly pleased with my Apple Watch and totally intend to utilize it for what it does best. It certainly won’t replace my phone- but then again, it was never intended to.


  1. Nice to see you also have this amazing device! Don’t even think about returning it! It’s getting more and more exciting with time! I’m finding new amazing features almost all the time and all the apps working on it are just amazing 😀 I hope you’ll feel the same with the time 😀 and which size do you have? It looks like 42 mm, right?

    1. Thanks! I’ve been loving it so far! Yes, I have the 42mm Apple Watch Sport. I couldn’t imagine having one with a screen smaller than this. When I saw it in the store, I actually thought it was the 38mm. When I found out it was the 42 I knew I wasn’t going to buy the smaller of the two. I think I made a good choice – I’m so happy!!! 🙂

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