My Visit to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

When you Google “Shanghai” and look at the first few images that show up, you’ll most likely find photos of a large tower with circular spheres built into it. That building is called the Oriental Pearl Tower and it is probably the most famous and recognizable building in all of Shanghai.

Me at Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower
Rocky at The Bund

There’s an excellent view of the Pearl Tower from a spot in the city called The Bund. That’s where I’m standing in the photo above! If you’d like, you can actually go inside and take an elevator to the top of the tower. There’s an INCREDIBLE view of the city from up there.

When you go into the tower, the workers have people queue into one large elevator. The elevator very quickly brings you to the main large pearl. My ears popped 5 times as the altitude rapidly increased. When you get out the first time, the windows are glass and there’s a nice view of the city.

Glass of Oriental Pearl Tower
First Part of the Pearl Tower

When you take the elevator again and get out the SECOND time, everything (including the floor) is see-through glass. It’s actually kind of freaky!

Oriental Pearl Tower View
Second Part of the Pearl Tower

As incredible as it is to explore the tower from the inside, you really can’t leave Shanghai without observing the Oriental Pearl Tower when it is all lit up at night. It’s stunning.

It’s so futuristic looking. I’m going to miss Shanghai!


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