Healthier Lifestyle – No More Soda!

Last Updated on March 27, 2021

I feel like making a few random lifestyle changes today so I’m going to make a commitment.

Going forward, I want to start drinking less Sprite and more water. This is a big one. I feel like I drink too much soda and even though I have a water bottle with me everywhere I go, I noticed I still choose to drink soda with my dinner and I want to stop doing that.

I feel like I eat too much meat. While my diet already consists of a lot of fruits and vegetables, I want to start eating even more. I’ve already started the transition! I had a spinach omelet with a bowl of fruit for dinner yesterday. At night, I had a mango, a kiwi, and some grapes as a snack. Then this morning I had a grapefruit and a carrot for breakfast. I can’t fully cut meat out of my diet, but I want to reduce my intake as much as possible! I managed to do it for the past 24 hours, so we’ll see how long this lasts!

Less junk food. I don’t like sweets too much but sometimes I can be pressured into having some by my family. Just because they are having cake, ice cream, panettone, and cannolis doesn’t mean I have to have them too, right? I never liked cake anyway. Or milk chocolate (only dark for me!) Or any of those sugary things. So giving this stuff up actually shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’m so scared for Rutgers. I don’t want to gain weight in college. My mom makes healthy cooking a priority and my body is so used to that. Something tells me the chefs over at Rutger’s dining halls don’t have the same priority. I guess my best bet is to educate myself on eating right, which my mom has already done to some extent, and then do my best to make good decisions when I’m on my own next fall.

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