Kickin’ Back at the Jersey Shore

Last Updated on May 29, 2021

I sat in the sand at the Jersey Shore with my Nook open all set up to read the third book in The Maze Runner series. I was about to turn a page when a woman with a child walked up from behind me. She stopped and asked how I could see my screen so clearly in the bright light. I stood up and gave her my little spiel about how e-ink is very different from LCD technology and because of how the screen works, e-readers function well outdoors under direct sunlight.

She seemed fascinated with my Nook and claimed she has a similar one at home except she’s never gotten around to using it. From what she described, I think she has an old version of the Kindle but I couldn’t tell for certain. I just wanted to make sure she didn’t have a Nook Tablet or Amazon Kindle Fire since the tablet e-readers are very different from the e-ink ones. I personally don’t see the point to them. They’re not good for your eyes. It’s like choosing to read a book on your cellphone.

Her little kid started screaming as the waves crashed on the shoreline. She apologized and said it was their first time at a beach with him. I thought it was cute how over-the-top the kid’s reactions were to the little waves. The little boy even ran over and sat next to me as I was reading. I was like “Hello!” and then he ran back to the water as if it never happened.

When they were all done, she picked him up and said, “We’re going to leave now. Goodbye, friend!” as they began to walk away. I smiled and waved goodbye to the two of them. There was something so sweet about the whole thing and I felt so happy to have met them. I love meeting new people just for moments like that.

On a slightly different note, I wrote, “Rocky Was Here” in the sand down by the water. As I went to take a photo, a little girl ran up to it and screamed, “THAT’S NOT MY NAMEEEEEE!!!!!!!” and dug, kicked, and slid her feet all across the sand where my name once was. She didn’t even write her name once mine was gone. Once it was no longer legible, she ran back to play in the water.

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