Pre-Med Life

Documenting My Journey Into Medicine

The MBTI Changed My Life Forever

After taking the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator in my Management Skills class, I learned that I am an INFJ: the least common of the 16 personality types. After doing some research, I gained a better understanding for my strengths and weaknesses and re-evaluated my future in the Business School.

Life-Changing Revelation… Bye Business. I’m Going Pre-Med?

Almost as if the planets aligned themselves before me, my purpose in life became clear. I discovered the profession of psychiatry and began researching topics related to psychology and neuroscience. How have I managed to remain sheltered from science for so long? I uncovered a new passion.

Can a Type B Personality Get Into Medical School?

A popular and prominent theory in personality psychology forces individuals into an A/B dichotomy and it seems I lean more towards Type B than Type A. Can a Type B person like myself succeed in a profession dominated by Type As? What will this mean for my chances at a future in medicine?

Facing My Fear of Anesthesia

Finally forced to face my fear of anesthesia, I underwent surgery at a local hospital.

After undergoing an unexpected operation, Rocky awakens from his anesthesia. When the surgeon and anesthesiologist are nowhere to be found, Rocky begins to sob for he was not given a chance to thank them.”

I Have Diagnosed My Cat with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

She’s fluffy, she’s soft, and more often than not, she’s a tense bundle of stress. Our cat, Cleopatra, has been with our family since she was just a kitten. Having previously owned two other cats, her behavior has always struck me as odd.

I’m Going to Be a Teachers Assistant for Abnormal Psychology

I was selected by my professor to be an undergraduate teaching assistant for one of my favorite classes at Rutgers: Abnormal Psychology. If you need me, my Office Hours are Wednesday mornings from 10AM to 11AM. 😉

I Was Interviewed on the Subject of Psychiatry

Check out my interview conducted by Jennifer, one of my readers from California!


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  2. Hi Rocky, I stumbled upon your blog because of Rutgers. I did my undergrad there. I can see that it’s still as crazy and fun as I remember. haha

    I was able to read a couple of your posts and just wanted to say Congratulations on all of your hard work. It’s great that you’re making the most out of your time there. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and participating in health education there at Rutgers.

    Good job on tackling your premed classes! I still remember those so vividly esp. the crazy 5 hour orgo lab. haha Good job on getting through calculus, I know that was a pain for a lot of people. I’m guessing you won’t be embarking on the wonderful world of Calculus 3, Multivariable Calculus? =p Don’t forget your math though or else General Physics will be very painful! You’ll have to remember to find the value of the plane’s position from time (t=0) to (t = 1 minute/hour) and then use the law of sines when calculating the altitude of an airplane taking off. Fun, right? General Physics + Orgo is like going to Disneyworld. haha

    However, the upper level science classes are more fun since they’re specialized. Cancer, pharmacology, systems physiology, neurobiology, human parasitology…those were fun since the people taking them were the ones interested and it wasn’t weeding people out like the general science classes. I had to take a lot of math though, going up to calculus 4 and linear algebra haha I don’t think you’d want to take those.

    Make sure you do your best in orgo (but I’m sure you will). When I was a grad student, one of my students was premed and she called me after her med school interview. She was really intelligent and hard working. However, she got a B in orgo, but aced everyting else (bio, general chem, physics, calc, statistics, etc.). During the interview, the doctor interrogated her on why she just got a B in the course. She got through it though because she was also a volunteer EMT and tutored biology so he just nodded his head and smiled. Many of my former students actually asked if I could repost my science notes on my site which I’m doing right now. I feel like I’m preparing for recitation again. haha

    In terms of pursuing psychiatry, that’s a very noble profession. During my clinical training, I would work together with the behavioral team (I was in pediatric oncology/hematology), and I got to see cases with the social worker and psychiatrist since they were the patients and families that I had to work with also. It’s really tough because there are so many emotions involved esp. dealing with sensitive and painful topics. You’re the person that they will come to when things seem to crumble. With healthcare changing, it’s becoming too fast paced and people can’t get the individual attention that they need. The focus is mainly on the physical ailments while the mental issues don’t get as much attention. So, I think it’s great that you’re pursuing it.

    Good luck on your studies and I look forward to reading more about your adventures!

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