LGBT “Prom?”

Upon leaving my school Friday afternoon, I was walking to my car when I saw this:

It was my car with a surprise: a little blue bag of candy and balloons tied to it. I have to be honest, I got worried and even upset at first. I thought someone was playing a prank on me and I was too stressed out to deal with it since I was running late to a volleyball tournament. When I looked in the bag, I saw it was filled with literally EVERYTHING I LOVE:


-Mounds Bars

-Jelly Beans

-Dark Chocolate

I looked at the balloons and some of them said, “Pop Me!” and inside of them were small chocolates! The bag itself said “To: (My name) From: (My guy friend)”.

I put it in my trunk and proceeded with heading over to the tournament. Later that night when I wasn’t busy, I checked it out again. I was confused why my friend did this. Was this a thank you for driving him to his house the other day? Because he didn’t have a ride?


Inside one of the blue balloons was something besides a round chocolate that I hadn’t noticed earlier: it was a note.

I quickly popped the balloon and pulled out the note. It was a little slip that read, “Will you go to prom with me?
Oh my god! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Already!? Was I really just asked out to prom? And by a guy!?

So here is the only thing. This whole set up was SO SO SO adorable but I don’t see this guy as anything more than a friend. We text and we are really good friends, but that’s just it, we are friends. He has asked me out in the past and I thought I made that clear to him. I was actually planning on asking a female friend of mine anyway. My parents would probably freak if they found out I was going to prom with a guy…

What do I do!?!? This is so confusing…

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