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Hello and welcome to The Rocky Safari! My name is Rocky Trifari, but you can also call me by my Chinese name: 泰山.

In 2009, my Chinese teacher gave me the name Tàishān based on my English name, “Rocky Trifari.” The inspiration behind my Chinese name comes from the famous Mount Tai mountains of China.

While “Taishan” technically means “big mountain,” it also translates back into English as “Tarzan.” So whether you prefer to see me as a safari adventurer or like Tarzan the jungle man, the bottom line is that I love to be in and around nature. I gravitate toward birds and I have had a passion for travel and exploration from an early age.

Using that play on my name, I was inspired to create The Rocky Safari: a wild place where I can blog about all of my weird, unusual, and unexpected adventures.

A multi-topic travel blog built for nomads and nature lovers.

In terms of my educational background, I graduated from Rutgers University where I studied psychology and entrepreneurship. My life experience has shown me that through harnessing the full power of our minds, we can become capable of accomplishing absolutely anything.

Since our mindset plays the single most influential role in guiding our journey through this unpredictable life, why not choose to have a positive mental attitude?

In Swahili, “safari” means “journey.”

I love to test my own limits and I’ve come to realize I’m the happiest when I’m trekking far beyond the border of my comfort zone.

People are sometimes surprised to learn that I identify as an introvert because I also happen to be very outgoing. (A distinction I discuss a lot about on my blog.) As a matter of fact, I love meeting new people and discovering new things. I’m definitely not shy. I frequently speak to large audiences for work and I readily introduce myself to strangers. I guess it’s because I love to learn and I’m curious about seemingly everything.

In 2013, I graduated from a vocational high school where I studied graphic design and spent my senior year taking all of my classes at a local college. While I decided not to pursue digital design in college, I continue to treat photography and web design as two hobbies I deeply care about. That’s why I have continued to publish original, new content on here since 2013. I love to travel and blog whenever I have any free time.

Aside from that, I am also a huge fan of foreign languages (as you may have guessed from the intro, namely Chinese!) Then in 2019, I moved to Spain where I studied Spanish. You could say I’m somewhat of a “polyglot-in-training.”

A few things that are interesting about me: I volunteered as a tour guide at a Chinese Summer Camp for over two years and led approximately 200 Chinese students to famous landmarks all along the US East Coast. At the age of 15, this was one of my earliest experiences with leaving home to travel independently.

We ate at 14 Chinese buffets in a row during our travels (but they never warned me about that when I signed up!) Each day as our tour bus would pull up to the next Chinese buffet, I would turn my head to the window and shed a tear. This opportunity allowed me to gain both a large amount of experience and weight. 😉

Some of my other interests include birdwatching, drinking different types of tea, and of course, traveling! So you’ll probably read a bit about all of those things on my blog.

To help pass the time while flying and moving about, I also enjoy solving Sudoku and reading books on my Kindle. I have now visited more than fifteen different countries around the world (as of the time of writing) and I have no intention of stopping there! My goal is to eventually visit every country on Earth!

This blog chronicles that journey.

You should also know that I adore birds! I’m wholeheartedly obsessed with them. When I was a Resident Assistant in college, my hallway was bird-themed and I even hung a bird feeder outside of my dorm room window. I’d like to think that the random bird feeder dangling out from my window was somewhat of a landmark on campus during my time there. Maybe? Okay, maybe not.

While living in Spain for a year, my fascination grew and I was oftentimes called “Señor Pajarero” [meaning Mr. Birdkeeper] because the locals would see wild birds constantly flying and landing on me.

Anyway, I am definitely getting a pet bird in the future! (Still in the process of deciding which kind. I’m thinking maybe a Cape Parrot!)

In 2018, I set off on a trip to travel the world with nothing but my backpack and a one-way ticket to Athens, Greece to start.

Using money earned from this blog and other digital nomad gigs, I was able to pay for my entire trip in cash without creating a cent of debt afterward. On my blog, I teach others how to make this possible by making money online.

Please remember to follow my blog and connect with me on social media so we can stay in touch. Especially if you would like to know how all of this unfolds!

Remember, you’ll always get the WHOLE story from me. The good. The bad. All of it. Every single time.

I know my trip overseas is going to be the craziest adventure imaginable. You can read more about my plans for the future: here.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and say hi! I blog to reach and connect with people so I’d love nothing more than to connect with you now that you have ended up here! 🙂

For those of you who know your MBTI personality type, I am an INFJ which is the least common of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, especially in men. They say INFJs are the old souls, the listeners, the caretakers, and the advocates who seek to create a better world.

I was surprised to learn that male INFJs make up less than 1% of the global population. More specifically: gay, male INFJs represent less than 0.25% of all people in the world.

With stats like those, you can imagine why I might feel like a bit of a square peg in a round hole trying to fit into society. But what makes us unique can also be our greatest strengths. So much like a bird, I’m going to do what comes naturally to me, spread my wings, and fly.

Ironically, the MBTI personality type “most suited to travel the world” is the ESTP (the complete opposite of what I am…) So once again, I guess the stats are stacked against me in that regard. We’ll see how it goes!

But that’s why I love it.


Rocky in 2013

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  1. Hey Rocky! I came across your blog because of your testing for the orange trees on the streets in Valencia XD Thanks for trying out for me
    And also I love your saying “MY BLOG IS REALLY RANDOM. AND WEIRD.
    But that’s why I love it.” I love your vibe:D

    1. Thank you, Suze! I didn’t realize you were an ESFP! 😀 MBTI personality type stuff is so interesting to think about. INFJs and ESFPs have been known to get along well – makes total sense! ^.^

  2. Evan Lindberg

    Hello! Fellow Infj here! Just wanted to say that your blog is wonderful, honest, simple (in the absolute best way), and very relatable. Thank you for being your brilliant, infj self (never change!).
    – Cheers

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