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Home security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it is expected to expand rapidly in 2019. More and more homeowners are realizing the importance and ease of access through which they can monitor their properties while they are traveling or away from home.

For many households around the United States, spending money on home security systems for cameras and 24/7 video surveillance has become commonplace. Some look to standard Wi-Fi surveillance cameras while others turn to more secure, fully-integrated “smart home” solutions that offer the greatest protection. Products such as the systems offered by Vivint.

While many of my readers are fully nomadic, a large portion of my readership is comprised of adults who do own homes, have children, and would like to know that their properties are safe and protected especially while they’re traveling outside of the country for vacation or work purposes.

There is a promotion running that I want to spread the word about.

I will send you a FREE IPAD* if you book a free in-home consultation between today (January 16th, 2019) through Saturday (January 19th, 2019) AND decide to purchase their system.

By scheduling your consultation through me, Vivint’s standard $200 installation fee will automatically be waived. Meaning if you schedule your consultation through me, it will cost you less to purchase a Vivint system than if you tried to contact Vivint directly.

Request a Free Vivint Consultation

*The type of Apple iPad (model, generation, storage, color) you will receive is subject to the model Vivint provides me with.

Why should you schedule a Vivint In Home Consultation through Rocky?

If you decide that you wish to install a Vivint security system, Vivint charges a one-time $200 installation fee to new customers. By scheduling through me, this fee is waived.

If you do this before the end of the week, Vivint will ALSO send me an iPad which I will then ship to you for taking the steps necessary to protect your home and your family during this promotional period. I think a free iPad is a sweet incentive!

If the promotional period is over, is it too late?

Not necessarily. The iPad offer does expire if you haven’t already signed your service agreement by the end of Vivint’s business hours on January 19th. However, the $200 discount is still valid if you schedule a consultation through me. This is ongoing.

Which areas does Vivint service?

Vivint is the Leading Smart Home Service Provider in the U.S.A. Vivint’s products and services are available in all 50 states, 8 Canadian provinces and 2 territories.

Show Me the Numbers

People are increasingly thinking about home security.

  • In 2016, an estimated 1,248,185 violent crimes occurred nationwide in the U.S.A. This was an increase of 4.1% from the estimate in 2015.
  • In 2016, there were an estimated 7,919,035 property crime offenses in the nation.
  • Property crimes in 2016 resulted in losses of over $15.6 billion.
  • Some home insurance companies will offer discounts as great as 30% if you have a security system in place.

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Disclosure: I only share posts about products and services that I believe in. This post contains one or more affiliate links or partnerships where I will receive financial compensation in exchange for any of the products or services described if you choose to purchase them. This is done at no extra cost to you but helps to support the website.

If you prefer a DIY Security System, consider these great alternatives:

[shop-page-wp category=’Arlo’]

Young consumers are driving demand for home security systems. Millennials are one of the fastest growing markets within home security. Affordable DIY solutions like Arlo are especially enticing for people under the age of 35. Arlo cameras aren’t hardwired so they offer more freedom with where they’re placed. Be sure to consider that Wi-Fi cameras usually run on rechargeable batteries, are managed on your own home wireless network, and do not have a company backing them in case of an urgent emergency like how Vivint will call you and notify the police if the cameras detect suspicious activity. Vivint is more of a “total solution,” in that sense. Let me know if you have any questions.

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