A Drawing to Celebrate My Boyfriend’s Birthday

Last Updated on May 29, 2021

I wanted to keep the tradition going, so I drew another birthday card for my boyfriend’s 21st birthday today! It sucks not being able to celebrate with Jorge in person but knowing I’ll see him again in about a month helps keep me sane. While thinking about his birthday, I looked at my calendar and realized I haven’t seen him in fifteen weeks. Thank goodness we are finally in the home stretch until we can -at least briefly- see one another once again.

With over 3,600 miles separating us, it is difficult to do much beyond a call on the phone or a gift in the mail. With my boyfriend, one of the things I have found I enjoy doing is going through our old photos and selecting pictures that encompass my favorite memories with him. Then, I get to work and try to draw them. Whether they are realistic or caricature-like doesn’t really matter. I choose whatever drawing style I am feeling in the moment.

I find it fun to compare drawings to the photos they were originally based on. It can be strange seeing people you know in real life turned into a cartoon. In this instance, I based his birthday card on a photo taken during our trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

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