My Mom Is Luxottica’s Next Victim

Life is filled with funny coincidences.

Like the fact that I bought my glasses in July and have been meaning to write a post about why glasses are so expensive ever since then. I finally finished tweaking that post and published it two days ago. Almost 3 months later.

Out of nowhere, my mom sent me a picture today of herself wearing Michael Kors glasses. She has never worn glasses before. I told her I loved the way they looked on her and asked if she was really thinking about getting glasses. She explained to me that she needs them for reading and the pair she sent me are her favorite.

My next message to her was, of course, “You know those are probably made by Luxottica like mine are, right?” To which she responded with the messages you can read below.

Luxottica's Monopoly

My only response is, as I said to my mom, “Ugh.” -.-


    1. Haha well essentially… none! Especially for anyone looking to try the glasses on in real life. (Though there are a few online competitors like Warby Parker.. but the selection just doesn’t compare.) I’m glad you found the post eye-opening hahaha. 🙂

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