The Apple Watch Strap I Never Knew I Had

When you buy the 42mm Apple Watch, it comes ready-to-go right out of the box. Aside from the software set up, there’s relatively very little you have to do before you can begin to use it. When I strapped mine on for the first time, I noticed the band was pretty big but as long as I secured the strap on its tightest option, it fit just right. I figured I must have really small wrists compared to everyone else. As long as it stays in place, I can’t complain.

After using the Apple Watch for about 2 weeks, I was doing some research online when I came across a video where a reviewer mentioned something about a “second strap” that comes with it. What? When I opened my Apple Watch Sport box back on my birthday, I remember opening it and finding the Watch itself, a new inductive charging cable, and the instruction manual. That’s it.

Sure enough, he was right! Apple DOES provide a second strap with every Apple Watch. For whatever reason, the 42mm watch ships with M/L band. In the box, you can find an extra free S/M band. Both bands fit my wrist but it turns out the S/M band actually fits better so I made the switch!

Guess that’s what I get for not taking the time to read the instructions. If I would have opened them up, I (probably) would have noticed that Apple snuck an extra secret band in there.

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