Doing Some Serious Bonding With My Nook This Summer

One of my complaints, when I’m away at college, is that I feel like I do a TON of reading but all of it is related to my coursework.

There’s rarely ever any time to kick back and read solely for pleasure. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy what I’m reading for my classes- but it’s not quite the same. One involves significantly more stress than the other. 😉

The last few weeks I have been setting aside chunks of time to do nothing but reading. I’ll grab my Nook, brew a fresh cup of dragonwell green tea, and go sit down somewhere to enjoy whatever it is that I feel like reading.

I recently got into The Maze Runner series which I’ve been OBSESSED with ever since I started it. I first watched the movie on my way to China during my long flight. Then I read the book after I got back. I just finished The Scorch Trials last night and now I am anxiously awaiting the movie’s release in late September.  Tomorrow, I will begin book three: The Death Cure.

It’s not exactly new but if you haven’t already done so, you can check out my page of book recommendations. You can also leave your own recommendations there which I am always happy to receive. 🙂

My Ever-Growing List of Book Recommendations.


  1. Summer reading (the pleasure kind where you volunteer yourself to read) is the best! I haven’t read The Maze Runner yet but I really want to read that trilogy and its prequel soon now that they’re all being made into films. And I refuse to see TMR movie until I read it. XD I also took a look at your TBR and definitely suggest you picking up Where the Red Fern Grows soon. I read it in middle school and I remember it being a quick (but thematically powerful) read. If I Stay wasn’t my cup of tea but it’s still a nice story. And Maximum Ride is considered ya but it’s more middle grade in some aspects, so keep that in mind (though one’s never too old to read something and projected target audiences honestly doesn’t really matter). Anyway, happy reading and blogging!

    1. I actually think I liked the Maze Runner movie even better than the book… Is that weird? I think I always prefer whichever I see first when it comes to books that are turned into movies. As for Where The Red Fern Grows, I did read it and that’s how it made its way onto my list. The ending was so sad! I know some of these are geared at younger audiences but that’s because I remember my favorites forever.

      1. Oh well that was dumb. For some reason when I saw your Book Recommendations page and the contact form, I thought “Oh! This is his TBR and a list of books other readers have suggested to him.” /facepalm/ And actually no! I feel that way about some films/books, like a couple of Nicholas Spark ones.

  2. finnwest2015

    Cool post bro. Nothing better than summer reading.
    Only one problem: I have a nook and a kindle but both sit in the box because neither are suitable for the beach. I have returned to the good old hardcover book. Old school lol.

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