Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

Doors in the Forbidden City (Beijing, China).
(Weekly Photo Challenge: Door)

Click here to read more about my trip to the Forbidden City.


  1. But I am surprised that there were such few people in the forbidden city when you came. Last time I’ve been to Tian’an Men, I was supposed to visit the forbidden city too, but I only have 3 or 4 hours before my train left Beijing, the crowds and the loooooong line scared me. As it needs to wait 1 hour to buy the ticket, and another hour to enter the forbidden city, I decided to give up……BTW, it was not a public holiday when I was there…..

    1. Actually, there were very few people just about everywhere we went in China! We really never had to wait in any long lines. Well except for the buses to the Great Wall… But the Great Wall itself wasn’t even that busy! I think we got very lucky somehow.

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