Breaking Out My Nikes for China

A post about finding my old Nikes and deciding to bring them with me to China.


  1. Nice handwriting. Each letter written separately.
    Am not into brand names. If something looks good, is well made, I like it, and looks good on me, I’d buy it. For me it’s more about the style, than the name. I personally know a lot of people who just buy brand names, with no sense of style, just to show off there wealth.
    But, am sure, your 2 year old Nike shoes, look great on you 🙂 No doubt!!!
    Have fun in China.

    1. Nuwansenfilmsen!!! Hey! I’ve been looking forward to the day I’d hear from you again! How have you been!? Thank you for complimenting my handwriting- I’m glad you like it! I usually do like to focus on the style of clothing and accessories but this is an exception where I TOTALLY bought my Nikes for the brand name. They’re not ugly… just not something I’d normally desire. Hope to hear from you again!

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