Breaking Out My Nikes for China

Nikes are Popular Among Chinese Students

A post about finding my old Nikes and deciding to bring them with me to China.

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  1. Nice handwriting. Each letter written separately.
    Am not into brand names. If something looks good, is well made, I like it, and looks good on me, I’d buy it. For me it’s more about the style, than the name. I personally know a lot of people who just buy brand names, with no sense of style, just to show off there wealth.
    But, am sure, your 2 year old Nike shoes, look great on you 🙂 No doubt!!!
    Have fun in China.

    1. Nuwansenfilmsen!!! Hey! I’ve been looking forward to the day I’d hear from you again! How have you been!? Thank you for complimenting my handwriting- I’m glad you like it! I usually do like to focus on the style of clothing and accessories but this is an exception where I TOTALLY bought my Nikes for the brand name. They’re not ugly… just not something I’d normally desire. Hope to hear from you again!

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